For Over 25 Years, I've Been Teaching People How To Mass Market And Generate Big Up-Front Cash Profits While Promoting Their Chosen Business. 


Anyone Can Use My Easy Duplicatable Solutions, Action Plans and Business Systems to Create a Fast Growing Income, Get Completely Out of Debt, and
Operate Your Life with All Cash.



Here's the Most Important Lesson I Have Learned: 


The ONLY REAL SECURITY You can have is from learning how to do something through a SYSTEM or a Specific Plan of Action- because once you know how - You can do it again and again. No one could take that ability from you. 



Making money and then accumulating it to build wealth is just like becoming a lawyer or a doctor: SOMEONE IS GOING TO HAVE TO TEACH YOU. 

If you take an honest look at your past and see that you have not yet made any real money or accumulated any real wealth -- then you may have to admit to yourself...YOU NEED HELP. 

The chances of you doing this on your own, without following a proven system created by someone who has already made it are very slim.


In 1978, I read a simple book by the legendary marketer Joe Karbo, "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches". That one book propelled me to study and master the art and science of effective marketing.




During 23 years, I have learned everything the hard way. I have successfully applied: 


» Copywriting - including the graphics design and creation of all marketing tools

♦ Online Website Marketing - creating all websites from scratch

» Email Marketing - attracting huge quantities of new customers daily with follow-up system to teach and develop continuous orders.

Banner Advertising

» Article Marketing

Offline and Online Traffic Generation 

» Affiliate Marketing

Mail Order Marketing 

» Multiple Business Systems and Product Development

Direct Mail Marketing

» Postcard Marketing

Display Ad Magazine Advertising  - continuous advertising campaign lasting over 23 years. 

» Online Catalog Store Creation

Multiple Distributorships and Affiliate Systems 

» Business Consulting

MLM Consulting 

» MLM Training and Recruiting Systems that have taught thousands to build big MLM organizations.

Video Marketing 

» Business Consulting 

MLM or Network Marketing - FACT: I’ve earned a big weekly residual check

from ONE Network Marketing Company for over 18 solid years.

» MLM Consulting 


Consider that I’ve been successfully doing business and marketing for over 23 years. Learn from someone who has succeeded and your success will come sooner and be greater than if you had to learn by trial and error.


Since 1989, I’ve taught tens of thousands of regular everyday people how to become “Effective Marketers”.

Isn’t it time for you to get in the game?

Prepare yourself with a real financial backup system to rely on if your job is ever swept away. There’s no better business than a marketing business for ease of starting, low startup cost, and substantial income potential.

Nothing compares with the financial solutions, business systems and action plans that are detailed on my website. You’ll know it’s real when you see them. I’ve really got it all together.

When you have proven systems that work - you don’t have to mislead people. They come aboard quickly when they see and hear the facts.



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