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All I Do Is Mail Out The Exact Same Mailers Every Day From The Comfort Of My Home...That Is All I Do!


For Many Years Now - I Have Generated At Least $214 A Day Real Profit Using My Special Home Mailing System! There Is NOT An Easier Or Simpler Way To Make $214 A Day Than This - There Can’t Be - IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!




How could anything possibly be easier than mailing out the exact same mailers every day?

It is not dumb luck or just by chance that I generate $214 every single solitary day. All I do is mail out the exact same mailers every day! That is all I do. It is that simple! It just makes sense that if I have been generating $214 a day for years and years by mailing out the exact same mailers every day, then I should continue to pull in $214 a day for every day that I choose to mail out those mailers!


AND BEFORE YOU JUMP TO ANY WRONG CONCLUSIONS - let me tell you straight out - There is absolutely no crazy gimmick involved here I promise you. This has nothing whatsoever to do with any ridiculous envelope stuffing program, illegal chain letter scam or worthless multi-level scheme.


And if you have assumed that this whole system is nothing more than a sales letter to be mailed out with nothing of MAJOR SUBSTANCE behind it - you are definitely mistaken. This proven system is built around TRUE VALUE and a sensible, time-enduring marketing approach!



Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers. I provide “Business Systems” so valuable that people all over the country pay me thousands of dollars to LEARN HOW TO DO WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS.


Mine is NOT some “made up story”. I uncovered through relentless digging how to generate an incredible PERMANENT CASH FLOW from a powerful system.


I will reveal to you the truth about a money making system that is going to put money in your pocket year after year...permanent cash!


I’ve already taught thousands of people techniques that most people either ignore or simply don’t know. Those people are now putting these simple concepts into practice and are drastically increasing their daily incomes working only a few hours each day. My system can transform you into one of those people who consistently succeed.


First, let me tell you the brief story as to how I came to develop my extraordinary system.


One day back in 1978, I was thumbing through the daily newspaper. I came upon a very interesting full page advertisement written by a man who found a way to get completely out of debt in only a few months time (and he owed thousands). In the process of getting out of debt, he discovered a way to consistently earn more money than he could possibly spend. THAT GOT MY ATTENTION!



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Earlier in my life at eighteen, everyone was telling me to get a good job, progress with my skills and move up the ladder to eventually earn more money. This plainly did not make sense to me at the young age of eighteen.


Here’s why.


I started asking every adult I knew - how much money they made, what they did for a living, and how long they had been working at the same job.


Their answers were very perplexing.


It’s as though they were sleepwalking through their own lives. They weren’t paying attention.


Very few of them made more than $40K a year working 40 hours a week. And those few who did earn that $40K salary were deep in debt struggling to keep their heads above water. Yet -- they still continued to spend more money than they earned...buying everything in sight just to keep up with their friends and neighbors who led the insane rat race.


It was clear to me what the problem was.


THE PROBLEM: These people SOMEHOW FORGOT that they live in AMERICA - a land of untold riches filled with MILLIONAIRES IN ALL 50 STATES!


These people just settled into a mediocre job and accepted whatever that job would pay them.




But how could a person do that...If you followed the traditional prescription...it led to a job, a low standard of living, massive on-going debt, and little or no savings. How could a person conquer these huge problems...when almost everyone you know lives day to day trapped in these same problems throughout their entire lifetime.


I knew the destination - “TO EARN MORE MONEY THAN I COULD POSSIBLY SPEND” - but I had no clearly defined roadmap to get me there.


Now...let’s get back to the man with the full page newspaper ad.


After reading the ad several times, I sent $10 for the book and anxiously awaited its arrival. It finally came and I blew through the book in 4 hours.


That guy totally shocked me with his overwhelming knowledge. I had never heard such things...all based on sensible concepts that clearly would work if someone just took the diligent effort to put them into action. That book set the stage of my life...but regrettably it wasn’t until many years later that I finally took action with what I had learned from that extraordinary man.


As an American living in a country fueled by a GIGANTIC CONSUMER SPENDING FORCE, your key purpose should be to find out how to market yourself and ultimately evolve into a MASTER MARKETER so you can cause money to flow to you all your life.


Look around. TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, the Internet - they all exist because of the gigantic consumer spending force.


If one is paying attention, they would realize that the BEST and ONLY game to play in this country is that of a “Master Marketer”.


A formal education will buy you a job earning $30K to $40K per year, but when you are taught a sound marketing system, your chances of creating personal financial independence are greatly magnified.


No matter how educated or smart you may be, if you don’t have the inside scoop on how to make money through a time-enduring marketing system, you are going to flounder around in mediocrity, never making any serious money.




The only real security you can have is from learning how to GENERATE YOUR OWN MONEY THROUGH A SYSTEM - because once you know how - you can do it again and again. NO ONE COULD TAKE THAT ABILITY FROM YOU!


The vast majority of people who attempt to make money through mail order and internet marketing FAIL.


Too many people are relying on out-dated books and advice from so called “experts” who made their living doing something else and giving advice on the side (instead of making their living doing what they tell you to do).



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99% of all mail order marketing books tell you about some, NOT ALL, of the pieces of the marketing puzzle and then leave you to make your own decision as to which “fork in the road” to take - which leads to failure.



When I first started my marketing business, I bought the usual training books and programs and followed the directions. It didn’t work.


I couldn’t make any money doing it the prescribed way.


Later on, I found out how flawed those old worn-out methods were - and exactly why they didn’t - and couldn’t work in today’s marketplace. This is why most people who try mail order and internet marketing fail - and fail fast and hard.


The old ways won’t work. Not now. Not ever again. That’s why my first years of business were a horrible struggle.


It took a great deal of work to uncover the relevant knowledge and the wisdom to apply it. Consequently, I made every mistake possible. Over the passing years - my frustration continued to grow because I desperately wanted to “earn more money than I could possibly spend”.


I tried to look at the overall picture. I did some serious thinking, while reviewing what I had been doing the past couple of years.


I did what most people aren’t willing to do.


I worked around the clock...with barely any sleep.


In my research, I kept extensive notes on all the programs I tried and reviewed...their merits and their drawbacks. I spent years of time and thousands of dollars on projects that I thought would make money.


Some lost, some broke even, and some made a little (not enough) money.


In looking hard at all of these plans, I knew something important was missing.


It’s almost as though the creators of those plans got to a certain point - thought they had the money making formula complete, and then quit. They failed to realize that by adding one or two more missing components to their overall systems - they could have drastically improved their money-generating potential.




By combining a few concepts I’d seen used by experienced marketers, I came upon my partially complete money making formula. I tested it and refined it - and kept on testing the performance of my crude little system. That’s when I hit on something outrageously profitable. I FINALLY UNCOVERED THE SIMPLE ANSWERS THAT I’D BEEN WRESTLING WITH ALL THOSE YEARS.


These master techniques are virtually unknown and when they are combined into one solid, hard-hitting mechanism - IT IS UNSTOPPABLE! IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!


Only a very few marketers have stumbled onto it...but almost all of them did not know how to effectively master its use. All of my earlier marketing approaches slowly evolved into ONE highly effective monster money system.


I’ve refined and constantly updated my system through actual usage over more than 20 years. Anytime I came across a problem, I ironed it out by figuring out how to effectively deal with it.


By methodical research and systematic testing, I have developed a system that goes to work automatically for me...attracting and pulling in “MORE MONEY THAN I CAN POSSIBLY SPEND!”.


Early on...I didn’t know what to expect when I put my system into action.


It wasn’t long before my little mailbox at my house WOULD NOT HOLD ALL THE MAIL...so the mailman had to knock on my door to hand deliver all the incoming cash orders.


So then I had a friend of mine build a huge wooden mailbox for me. I remember him laughing - calling it “a doghouse mounted on the front porch wall”.


But as my business grew rapidly - that huge wooden mailbox wouldn’t hold all the mail...and the mailman (again) had to start knocking on the door.


I didn’t want the mailman to be burdened with hand delivering all of my mail to the house - so I got a post office box so I could pick the mail up myself at the post office.


I didn’t “make up” this story - it really happened!


And from that point on...I have been astounded by the continuous daily mail filled with cash orders from people all across the country wanting to know how I conquered the American Dream!


I am just an individual who desperately wanted to start and build my own profitable mail order marketing business.


I have developed into a very serious marketer and I’ve learned from all of my mistakes as well as my successes.


I capitalized on those techniques that worked well and then continued to modify them to make them even better so they would produce consistent results.



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Nothing is easier than operating my system.


I get up every morning and drive to the post office to get my mail. After I get back home, I sit down at my desk, open the mail and take out all the money. I then make out a deposit slip. Later, I’m off to the bank to make my deposit.


Because of my complete system, I own my day. All day. Every day. The day is mine to do as I please. It’s a fabulous feeling of freedom.


Today, I’ve got it made. You see, no matter what I do - travel, work around my house, play my guitar, relax by my pool, visit friends and family, whatever - at least $214 a day arrives in my mailbox.


What’s more, I’ve been taking in that kind of money for over 20 solid years.


If I choose, I can keep all that money (and more) coming in every day for life. Another thing...I rarely spend more than 20 hours a week to keep everything humming along.




I’ve been on the cutting edge of “THE EASIEST BUSINESS ON THE PLANET” for 20+ years. So what you’ll get from me is - UNQUESTIONABLE VALUE - NOT some worthless collection of scatterbrain ideas. I don’t sell half-baked business plans. What you can always expect from me is only the Highest Quality workable systems for success. I take pride in presenting a system that I know will work and produce the results I say it will.



Very few people are as qualified as I am to give you the facts about making money with mail order marketing.


Remember, I make my living from this system - it supports me and my family in style to this day...and has since I began using it. How many other advertisers can honestly make that claim?


Evidence of my reliable system is the many, many testimonials I’ve received from action-oriented people who’ve launched my PERMANENT CASH FLOW SYSTEM and let it go to work producing a consistent daily income for them.


Don’t just think that all this is some kind of “far out fantasy” that only works for others and can’t possibly happen for you too - BECAUSE IT REALLY CAN!!!


I have found a way to transfer and inject years of money making knowledge and experience into you, in a rapid, crystal-clear manner.


I have totally eliminated the need for you to go through a trial and error type training.


No confusion...a clear-cut, beaten down path so you’ll know precisely what to do and when to do it.


What you WILL NOT find in my system is a bunch of “forks in the road” where you are left hanging to make your own decisions as to the next direction you will take.


This system is governed by some very specific rules which are almost completely the opposite of what most of us are taught to believe.


This system goes far beyond anything you may have previously read or heard about from anyone else.


Absolutely ANYONE can use my PERMANENT CASH FLOW SYSTEM to create unlimited amounts of spendable cash without ever leaving the comfort of their own home!




 You can begin to use this system part-time, shoe-string style.

You don’t need a computer or any special equipment to start.


You may operate this system from any city, large or small, even the remotest of places.


This entire system is designed for one person to easily handle. My system is capable of producing $214 and more daily without overworking yourself along the way.


It’s legal and moral in every sense of the word.


The public demand for what you will offer is never-ending, always unlimited, and forever expanding in scope.


Its earning power will never decrease or weaken.


This is a safe, reliable, real life system to get rich gradually...and grow, and GROW, and GROW!



After you see the results, you’ll be convinced that the only thing standing between you and substantial profit is...REPETITION!!!


All you need is some room on the dining table and a little up-front cash to get the machine rolling!


There’s nothing more thrilling than opening your mailbox jammed with letters! A MOUNTAIN PILE OF LETTERS FOR YOU TO OPEN...AND EACH ONE CONTAINING MONEY ORDERS AND CHECKS ALL MADE OUT TO YOU!


All you need to do is mail out special mailers, check your mailbox, and then go to the bank! Once you launch this system, no one will ever be able to “pull the rug out from under you”, because you will masterfully control the system.




Look, I want you to understand that EVERYTHING I am telling you is the absolute truth. But how do you know - and I mean really know - that what I’m telling you is true. I’ll be straight with you.


You don’t. The fact is - until you get my system to review, you’re still bound to have some doubts. To this, let me say - there comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to “go out on a limb” and trust someone. Because until you do - you’ll never move ahead in life.


I’m here to do everything I possibly can to make sure you reach your financial goals. I make myself available to you. Not only do you get my proven system - you also get me to talk to - to answer questions - to guide you in the right direction. Put a price on that - you can’t!


I am absolutely serious about this promise. You will be working for yourself - but NOT ALONE by yourself. I’ll be there when you need me. Period.


I’ve learned to help people with a personal touch in all I do.


I lay “all of my cards out on the table” for all to see and study - so serious individuals can ultimately move into a position of SELF-RELIANCE by learning and applying master marketer strategies to get on top of life...and stay there!


So there are no misunderstandings - I don’t want you to think there is no effort involved with this system. The world doesn’t work that way. People who expect something for nothing usually get nothing. I’m not interested in sharing this powerful system with anyone who is not truly serious about making the changes in their life with what I will teach.




Like many others, you may be caught-up working a job you don’t like, but you just keep going, out of habit and necessity. Too many people have learned to live on what their jobs are willing to pay...always being plagued by outer circumstances over which they have absolutely no control.


Look around. People are withering in their routinely boring lifestyle. They all settle for less.


Normal jobs limit your income. You may be in trouble later in life...maybe very soon...by staying with ONLY a job.


I believe that being in business for yourself is actually easier, mentally and physically, than working in a dead-end job for someone else.


I’ll show you exactly how to get out of that life-draining “40-Year Job Plan” and start working smart for yourself.




You now have a real shot at unlimited free time and a non-stop daily cash flow!


Let’s face it, The ONLY WAY to have enough time or freedom to really enjoy life is to have money coming in consistently.




Once I show you how to rapidly generate cash using a practical, intelligent, but simple system - you’ll be able to pay cash for everything from here on out.


The freedom and security knowing that you can produce an income for yourself AT ANY TIME is the greatest! Many others are doing it right this minute...they are staying home and making more money in one single day than most people with a job make in one week!


Begin NOW in your spare time to start-up a home-operated venture...then grow it as big as you want. Start with whatever resources you now have and take the first step.


All you need is - BELIEF IN YOURSELF...enough to take a chance. Enough to put my system into ACTION! If you do just that - the results will be ASTOUNDING!


Unlike most greenhorn and illogical entrepreneurs, I do not resort to outlandish money-back guarantees and no such policy is expressed or implied. MY SYSTEM HAS ALWAYS ATTRACTED ONLY THE MOST SERIOUS MONEY MINDED INDIVIDUALS WHO RECOGNIZE THE HIGH VALUE OF A GENUINE LIFETIME HOME INCOME-GENERATING OPERATION - because frankly - anyone who puts this quality system into motion will be set for life! Many entrepreneurs will needlessly spend the rest of their lives applying ineffective, old-world marketing ploys that consistently fail...over and over.


Don’t stumble around on a hit or miss course that will lead to frustration, disappointment and losses. Stop throwing your money away on hopeless mail order promotions and worthless MLM money-pits.


JOIN THE SELECT FEW BY PUTTING THIS PERMANENT CASH FLOW SYSTEM TO WORK FOR YOU! You can quickly use this unique, high-impact strategy that will give you the edge you need...to create a continuous income!


I believe I can save you the more than 20 years and the thousands of dollars it took me to learn the secrets of “EARNING MORE MONEY THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY SPEND”!


You can keep on searching...trying one flimsy program after another until all your patience and resources are expended - OR - YOU CAN DRASTICALLY ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS AND INCOME WITH MY PERMANENT CASH FLOW SYSTEM!


Don’t try to figure it out all by yourself. I’ll be your active partner and mentor...so you can be successful right from the start.


Let me be perfectly candid. I feel strongly about this system. I do not need your money as much as you need what I have to offer. The ridiculously small price that I’m asking does not even come close to matching the enormous value that I provide with this system.


I’m not trying to make a fast buck by selling you information - I am looking for people I can work with on a long-term basis.




I guarantee that you will never tire of the thrill of going to your mailbox EVERYDAY to see how much money people sent you today! PEOPLE FROM ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY WILL BE SENDING YOU PILES OF CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS - ALL MADE OUT TO YOU - EVERY SINGLE DAY!


I’ll show you how to start from wherever you are now, with whatever resources you now have available to you - and transport you to a larger life...a life where you can “EARN MORE MONEY THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY SPEND”!


You may be thinking, “If I pass this up, I’ll save the purchase price which I can really use right now.”. But consider the alternative.


Sixty days from now - YOU COULD BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO A LIFETIME OF FINANCIAL SECURITY AND INDEPENDENCE - OR - You could have saved the small purchase price -- which will probably be spent on something you won’t even remember. What you risk is -- all your money problems will be exactly the same if not worse.


Others are making themselves substantial daily fortunes right now. YOU CAN TOO! But you must act RIGHT NOW! Today - NOT Tomorrow! RIGHT NOW!!!


Financial security is not a waiting game.


You owe it to your future to take a hard look at what I’ve got. If what I’ve said makes sense to you, then I urge you to order today.


Don’t waste another second on indecision. Get serious and order today.


Don’t even leave this page without clicking the Add to Cart Button below. 


I know you’ll have a hard time sleeping the night after you find this system in your mailbox! You’ll probably sit up half the night planning a new life!






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