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Learn the One Thing That People
Can't Resist ... And Use
It To
Skyrocket Your Affiliate Checks...

Here's How to Become a Top-Selling Affiliate In Several
of Your Favorite Programs At The Same Time!

If you were walking down the sidewalk and spotted a $100 bill lying in your pathway, what would you do?

You'd stoop down and pick it up, right?

You couldn't resist it.

What if the man or woman of your dreams walked into your office and asked you out on a date ... what would you do?

You'd make plans for Friday night, right? (assuming you're not already attached :-)

You couldn't resist it.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are things in life that we simply cannot resist.

For some it is chocolate. Others it is a favorite hobby. And still others find a good book in front of the fireplace impossible to turn down.

But, did you know ...

"There is One Thing That You Can Offer As An Affiliate That Almost Every Human Being Can't Resist"

That's right, this "can't resist" magnetic attraction that certain things have on our lives can make you rich as an affiliate.

But, only if you know what the "one thing" is, and how to use it strategically.

One of the fundamentals of marketing is to offer a "freebie" in order to convince folks to buy what you are offering.

When I took my wife and little boy to Florida recently, the resort we stayed at offered a "free child's pack" to all registered guests. Inside were two free tokens to the resort arcade.

Why did they give them to us?

Because they know that children are awfully hard to get OUT of the arcade once they go in to use those two free tokens.

Experience tells me it takes about 2 hours and 40 more tokens. :-)

And this works time and time again.

Why? Because "freebies" are hard to resist.

Online, these freebies come in the form of free ebooks, free ecourses, free reports, free demos, free trial offers and free software.

There are thousands and thousands of smart marketers out there giving them away.

Did you catch that?

There are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of smart marketers out there giving them away.


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In other words ... people have figured it out.

You aren't the only one to give away freebies anymore. You aren't the only affiliate out there using newsletters and viral ebooks and special reports to promote programs.

So, while they continue to work ... there is more competition than ever before.

Thousands of marketers are all battling it out to get the attention of customers for their products and services.

Where do you stand among the many?

More importantly, how can you stand out among the many?!

By using freebies PLUS the "one thing" that folks simply can't turn down, that's how.

"100,000 Marketers Are So Close To Figuring It Out,
And Yet They Are Missing The Critical Ingredient"

Like I said, thousands of smart marketers are giving away freebies ... and the reason they are doing this is because, quite simply, they work.

They produce results. They convert browsers into buyers. They earn profits.

But, few people are using them as well as they could be.

Few people are getting super-results from giving away freebies.

Most people are leaving money on the table.

And it's all because they are missing the critical ingredient, the "one thing" that people can't resist.

And it's costing them serious commissions in the process.

Don't let that happen to you.

Don't be just "another affiliate" among the many, all doing the same thing.

Discover the irresistible twist to freebies.

Discover how to get an advantage over every other affiliate out there.


  • The B-I-G difference between giving away freebies and giving away freebies that make you money! It's not enough to give away an eBook or an eCourse or a newsletter when everyone else is doing the same thing ... you'll discover how to include the one thing that makes people buy from You, You, You! 
  • The one thing that almost every human being finds darn near impossible to turn down ... and how you can offer it (at no charge) over and over again to reap in enormous profits as an affiliate in any program you choose! 
  • How to get people thirsty for the product or service that your affiliate program offers without blatantly advertising or using other "forceful" sales tactics ... this simple strategy will teach you how to get people to your order page in such a way that folks actually WANT to whip out their credit cards and order now! 
  • The (little known) real reason why people say "Yes" to some offers and "No" to other offers. Note: This is completely under your control ... discover how to use freebies the RIGHT way (What your competition doesn't know!) and see your conversion rate soar to new heights! 
  • The without-question, number one, surest way to get people to buy through your affiliate link, plus the hands-down, biggest problem with most freebies and how you can avoid it for mega affiliate success! Hint: Only a handful of smart marketers out there are offering this ... in fact, I bet you don't even know one person who is doing it! Virtually no competition for you! 
  • How to all but completely eliminate the competition (at least, for now) and outdistance all the other affiliates promoting the same products and / or services that you are! At the time of this writing, less than 1% of all affiliates in any given program are using the strategy described in this course ... you'll be among the first (if not THE first) to use it promoting your favorite affiliate programs, giving you an unfair advantage! 

Yes, freebies work ... but they can REALLY work to pull in profits like you've never seen before when you begin using this unique strategy!

You see, you've got to be different. Not different as in different style or different ideas.

But rather, different as in a unique approach to use freebies that almost no one else is using right now.

You need the "one thing" that people can't resist.

I've found a NEW way to use freebies, particularly eCourses, to get order after order through my affiliate link, because it uses the "one thing."

At least, I thought it was new since no one ONLINE was using it, but then I discovered...

"The Best Affiliate Strategy I've Ever Seen For
Producing Profit Is More Than 200 Years Old!"

I discovered it -- really -- by "accident".

We were on vacation in Pennsylvania (In the "Amish" country) and I saw the most incredible marketing in action that I had ever seen in my life.

People were shelling out $400, $500, even $600 a pop for something that I personally wouldn't have paid fifty bucks for.

Why? Because the smart marketer that I watched found that "can't resist" magnet that pulls people in.

So, when I got back from my vacation, I started researching.

I learned that anyone can apply this marketing idea to the Internet.

Even though, amazingly, I couldn't find anyone using this strategy anywhere online!

Specifically, this strategy works well with affiliate programs.

So, I decided to share (despite some warnings that I shouldn't let this information out to the public) this incredible strategy in my latest ebook.

In High-Level Affiliate Marketing Strategies, you'll learn...

  • A detailed examination of how folks in the "Pennsylvania Dutch Country" are using this secret offline ... and a step-by-step case study of how you can do it online to bring in bigger affiliate checks than ever before! (Believe me, if it works out there in the middle of "nowhere" it will work for you too!) 
  • An age-old formula for profits that has been used to make money since (at least) the mid 1700's! Plus, the three simple ingredients that can turbocharge your affiliate checks like unleashing electricity in a bathtub of water! 
  • 5 powerful and profitable keys for using this affiliate strategy to actually create demand as folks line up to take you up on your offer! Note: This is one of the biggest differences between failure and success ... you'll get the inside track into what makes people WANT to say "Yes" to you! 
  • How to get folks to focus their eyes on you and buy what you consider is important for them to buy (It's actually much easier than you think!) ... it's all about "pointing" at just the right time -- you'll discover exactly what "pointing" is and when to pull out this big gun to fire away for easy sales! (This has been used successfully for hundreds of years!) 
  • A 7-step, paint-by-numbers checklist that details the exact steps to take in order to get this age-old success blueprint pulling in orders like a dentist pulling teeth! Plus, 3 simple questions that will help you make the absolute most money possible with affiliate programs in the absolute least amount of time possible! 
  • 9 incredible ideas for using this profitable affiliate strategy in other ways to create even more wealth on the Internet! Note: Implementing just one or two of these ideas can literally earn you several thousand dollars in commissions every single month! 

And, it gets even better!

That's right, I've got an extra special gift in store for you when you grab a copy of High-Level Affiliate Marketing Strategies today...

"Start Today While This 'Secret' Is Still a 'Secret' And
You'll Have Virtually No Competition At All!"

I can't guarantee how much longer this "secret" strategy will remain a "secret." I expect a lot of copies of this system to be sold, so it won't be long until everyone is using it!

But, for now, there isn't much competition ... in fact, you'll likely be the only one doing this for your particular affiliate program.

So, get started right now!


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