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The Opportunity Seeker Mailing List That Targets “Serious Mailers” Who Know How To Successfully Recruit People Into Your MLM Downline! 

Many People Search Year-After-Year For A Productive Opportunity Seeker Mailing List To Mail Their Multi-Level Programs To...But Never Find A Name List Source That Gives Them The Consistent Responses They Need To Make Money! 

Dear Opportunity/Multi-Level Mailer:

Are you experiencing a slowdown in new sign-ups for the multi-level program you are promoting? If you are, it is most likely due to an over-saturated market! I myself, a person who advertises, receive 20 to 30 of the same programs in the mail each week from many different people. The regular well-known mailing lists are sold many times over, which can cause you to fail miserably.


Many big list companies give you a fantastic sales pitch on how they spend large amounts of money every year to obtain their name lists through advertising inquiries in major opportunity magazines, etc.... But, what type of ad promotion did their inquiries respond to: The vast majority of the inquiries have never been exposed to multi-level mailing programs. Even if these people did join your multi-level program...how much of an asset would they be to you?

Believe me… I know! My name is DOYLE CHAMBERS. I’ve recruited hundreds of these neophytes into multi-level mailing programs! These beginners cannot grasp the fact that one must mail out thousands of mailing pieces on a consistent basis in order to be successful. It was very frustrating for me as it is for many other serious mailers!


I’ve located a name list source that has a different way of compiling their names. This company buys the used envelopes that include the names of multi-level participants from mail order and multi-level operators all over the country!

This source has just over 2 million names of serious mailers and opportunity seekers. I now use these names myself to recruit multi-level participants. The people on this list can be a great asset to you because they already understand the large volume of mailings and consistent effort it takes to make a multi-level program successful!

With over 2 million names in the computer, everyone won’t be mailing to the same names. This name list source does not have to over-sell their names to a lot of people (unlike many small mailing list companies) because they have such a large number of names which is ever increasing with the addition of new names daily! The computer insures that there are no duplicate names. The undeliverables are constantly weeded out to insure the cleanest possible list.


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Folks, I’m just like you! I’m a multi-level enthusiast - not just someone who sells name lists with little regard for the results that you'll receive. 

My purpose in finding a good name list source was to insure my own success in a particular multi-level program, as well as the success of the people in my downline. After all, what good is it if you are able to easily sign-up new people...when your downline people struggle to recruit new people in an over-saturated market using tired, over-worked name lists?

The mailing list source that I’ve located, after many years of searching, have the names that we are all looking for! I believe this is the very best list available! These are not just names, but ambitious men and women who are waiting to join and start building your MLM downline. They are doers! They already understand the MLM concept and are already convinced it’s their road to independence and wealth. This is the most responsive list you’ll ever mail to.

The people on this list truly believe they can make money in a direct mail based MLM program...if they could just find the right one. It’s not uncommon to hear someone tell me their hot offer got 5%, 7% or even an 11% response from this list!

A test of 1,000, 2,000 or more will convince you, and you’ll be back for more. The majority of our customers come back month after month for more names. Of course, this name list works great with ANY AND ALL PROGRAMS, provided you have a good quality program to offer!

FACT: Success in mail order multi-level is keyed more to the QUALITY of the list you use RATHER THAN the quantity you mail. Why risk throwing away hundreds of dollars on printing and postage by trying to save a few bucks on a cheap unresponsive list. Choose wisely!

I have made special arrangements with this excellent name list source to provide these super-productive opportunity seeker names to you! I know you’ll be pleased with the response you’ll receive from mailing to these powerhouse names! I guarantee the fastest possible service

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