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This is System 10


mlm rocket recruiting system 


You Can Use This Ready-Made
MLM Rocket Recruiting System
To Build A Rocket Fast Downline 
With Your Chosen MLM Program




Here's the Untold Story on
where this System originated

Back in 1990,the RICH
Cowboy Marketer taught
me the system.


old cowboy marketer

Richard Cook lived on a South Texas ranch. He was a mail-order guy who ran ad campaigns for 30 years. He sold everything from kitchen products to information booklets. Richard was a millionaire. 

In 1990, Richard grew tired of having to re-invent
his one-time sales business. Each year, he had to find new, marketable products...and then launch a whole new ad campaign to find new customers. Richard had his eye on what MLM could do for him. So he set out to do MLM and create an on-going residual income from built-in repeat sales.

After deep research, Richard joined a Florida MLM company. That's when he used his marketing skills to develop a
3-part mailorder-MLM recruiting system.
 After getting his sales piece in the mail, I quickly joined with Richard.

I started using Richard's System to recruit people for my downline. The sales piece was pulling 10 to 16% paid responses out of every 100 mailed. People from all over were sending me money to take a closer look at Richard's system. Out of every 100 mailed, at least 4 people joined the business...and then they quickly started mailing to build their own business.

It was crazy. People joined so fast I couldn't keep up with all the orders and the phone calls.

Along with many others who used Richard's system,
my income soared like a rocket. Richard was the NUMBER ONE DISTRIBUTOR in the company within 2 months. Many others soon climbed the ladder behind Richard reaching the top of the MLM pay plan.



MLM Rocket
ecruiting System.

Three of the hardest things
 creating an effective
MLM Recruiting System are:


1) Explaining the opportunity and persuading new people to get involved with the business

2) The training of your new associates to successfully work the business

3) Providing a simple, yet effective sponsoring tool that will reel-in people to take a close look at the business 


The old cowboy marketer
has solved all three of
these problems.

Richard understood that before most people will make the decision to join the business - FIRST they must know exactly how they are going to promote the business. His Business System Report along with my Website acts as
an effective salesperson and business trainer for everyone. THIS BUSINESS SYSTEM REPORT WILL DO 95% OF THE WORK FOR EVERYONE. When serious prospects read the Report - they’ll ALREADY BE 95% CONVINCED and will only have a few questions that can be easily answered. Many people join immediately so they can get started building their business fast. It
happens very quickly for many, many people.

Simply teaching people one on one isn’t enough anymore. So the old cowboy marketer wrote a comprehensive training manual that would be easy to
understand and show people precisely how he did what he did. Everyone reads the manual and it does most of the work. It’s duplication…pure and simple. The BUSINESS TRAINING MANUAL gives your associates a clear understanding of exactly how to get going fast with their business and start making money.

All associates must use an effective marketing tool to attract and draw people into the business. Over many years, Richard has perfected a sponsoring tool...which is a powerful Postcard. His carefully engineered postcard controls a basic human desire that compels people to act out of curiosity and the need to know. The postcard captures people’s attention and creates such intense interest they have to get the Report to satisfy their curiosity. Most people are compelled to take immediate action by sending money to get the Business System Report.





ALL "Generic" MLM Recruiting Systems always FAIL to recruit people into
your chosen MLM program.

With all "generic type" MLM recruiting systems, EVERYONE who uses them are ALLOWED to promote ANY MLM program that they personally choose. EVERYONE CHOOSES DIFFERENT MLM PROGRAMS TO PROMOTE.

If you used a generic recruiting system, your prospects may like the generic system, BUT choose NOT to join your chosen MLM program. Every prospect has the seemingly "brilliant" idea to - instead - use that generic recruiting system to promote their selected MLM program.

ALL generic systems fail because EVERYONE goes their own way. They won't follow you into your MLM program...IF THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO IT!



Instead of EVERYONE scattering their efforts by working alone in countless MLM Programs, EVERYONE must band together in ONE GOOD MLM Program and follow
a good Team Leader
recruiting system.

This is a DEDICATED 
MLM recruiting system.

What does that mean?  It simply means that - the authorized TEAM LEADER HAS PRE-SELECTED ONE MLM PROGRAM to promote with using my recruiting system.

DEDICATED also means that your prospects MUST join the ONE PRE-SELECTED MLM Program BEFORE they are allowed to use this recruiting system. No one is permitted to use this recruiting system with any other MLM program, except the MLM program that the Licensed Team Leader has chosen.

That's right. EVERYONE must FIRST join the Team Leader’s MLM program in order to legally use Doyle Chambers’ copyrighted recruiting system. Everyone MUST band together as a strong collective group by following a Team Leader


I’ll Plug You Into A STRESS-FREE
MAILING SYSTEM That Provides You
With A Powerful Marketing Postcard
That Consistently Fills Your Mailbox With Daily Cash And Reels-In All
The People You Need To Rapidly
Build And Sustain An Ever-Growing Stream Of Residual Income.


You cannot expect much of a response from mailing MLM
company literature because your prospects DO NOT NEED what you are offering.
 You must know that if prospects suspect you are sending “just another” MLM promotion - they may toss it into the garbage unopened after jotting down your name so they can mail their offer to you.

You must forget about what you have learned in the past about MLM recruiting. You must follow the proven methods that have been responsible for many people getting extremely wealthy.

Look, THE VAST MAJORITY of all MLM people you’ll ever contact will be LOSING MONEY. They are probably losing money because they listened to all that nonsense and hype about making money easily in MLM. Listen up, THEY WILL BE LOSING MONEY SO BADLY that if you can deliver a solution to their problems - you can almost charge ANY PRICE.

I want to prove to you that providing a “solution” works.
Many years ago, I began testing the POSTCARD for a SPECIAL REPORT. I knew that THIS REPORT MATERIAL is not only good, but that it DOES DELIVER on the promises made. I know that this information can be responsible for showing others how to make a huge fortune.

I started testing the POSTCARD by mailing it to known MLM people. I expected a response rate of about 4%. I figure at 4% - I could profitably show people the EXACT PROVEN METHODS that I use to make money easily. I know it works.

It should not have been surprising when I got RESPONSE RATES OF UP TO 23% from MLM Opportunity Seeker MAILING LISTS. Some lists were better than others - but overall the POSTCARD never failed to pull in at least a 7% response! Even a 7% response is considered to be phenomenal.

The high response rate is definitely due to the powerful POSTCARD that fills a great need. Those MLM people out there just eat this offer up because they are failing so badly in their MLM business. No doubt
about it - this is a high response order pulling POSTCARD!

All I did was include my best sales piece for the MLM
program along with the report when filling my customer’s orders.
 When people see that they can use the POSTCARD and sell the same report they just purchased, guess what happens? THEY JOIN THE MLM PROGRAM YOU ARE PROMOTING!!! 

Yes, I explained that if they join my MLM program under me, then they may sell the report and keep all the money. This helps them make up-front money to sustain their business while building their downline.

IT’S AMAZING! When I provided a solution built on proven marketing methods that really work - people get in line to pay me money! Now you won’t be mailing out some MLM company literature saying “Won’t you please join my program!”. I believe you should GET
UP-FRONT MONEY from your prospects
 The people who join in your downline will clearly see it this way, too! Once they join you, they too will want to do it the same way.


This high-impact POSTCARD was engineered so that it would appeal to virtually anyone who receives it. 



The POSTCARD does a great job of heightening people’s interest and making them curious enough to send $3 for more detailed information. The people paid hard earned money for the package and...therefore will anticipate its arrival and dive right into it when they receive it (this is very important!).
Remember this: Most people who receive free information place very little value on it and usually just throw it in the trash.

My Information Package gives prospects a clear understanding of what the program is all about. Many people are not comfortable explaining the details of the opportunity. No need to worry. The tools will do it for you. With my Stress-Free Mailing System, I have taken all the guesswork out of it for you.


Most MLM people can't effectively recruit
new members into
ANY MLM Program.

Many people will join with you if they see a working method of bringing quality people into their downlines without going broke. This system brings immediate CASH ORDERS...NOT people asking for free information.

When you show people how to produce money for themselves NOW by using a postcard that gets all of their prospects to send $3, they'll join your MLM business FAST.  This SYSTEM (with ready-made recruiting materials) automatically does the heavy job of recruiting for EVERYONE. Thousands of MLM people desperately need this recruiting system. 

And YOU - as the Team Leader - GET PAID to train your downline members ($30 per person).

The Ready-Made Training Manual will automatically train your downline for YOU.  Everything your downline members need has already been "pre-baked" into this Training Manual.

I have perfected a downline training system that enables EVERYONE to effectively duplicate themselves. The training manual takes everyone through all the phases of the they can confidently use the system. You'll easily build permanent downlines that won't drop out.

Just imagine - EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your downline sending out information packages showing your MLM business opportunity from 1 to 50 or more qualified prospects EACH AND EVERY DAY. 

Your downline can soon EXPLODE by pulling hundreds of people toward you each day. With this system, EVERYONE can build BIG downlines completely BY MAIL.



Keep in mind that people are joining for their own
reasons - not yours...there’s no arm twisting. Believe me - that is exactly how easy it is if you follow a good system and correctly utilize the tools that are provided.

THIS RECRUITING SYSTEM AND MLM OPPORTUNITY SELLS ITSELF TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE! That’s what this system is all about. Your real job is not to hard sell, but to introduce it to the right people. I strongly feel that this system is superior to any other system that anyone is currently using.

Believe me. I've been doing this for over 25 years. I've seen all the clever systems with their twists and turns. I have personally created 47 different MLM recruiting systems. I deeply understand the "human dynamics" which either compel or repel an action.

I have worked to enhance Richard Cook's MLM recruiting system for over 25 years. It's simply the best system foundation model I've ever seen. The reason is - it simply makes good sense to everyone who encounters it. 

People join my selected MLM because they WANT and NEED to
use my recruiting system.

In 1994, I worked this marketing system very hard for ONE year promoting
 business. For the last 20 years I’ve been collecting a fat check from that one MLM company...all from ONE year’s worth of work. That is the magic of residual income. 

Most people have spent years failing with their MLM efforts...and I know exactly why they are failing.
I have the solution to their problem. Therefore, without
 hesitation - they drop their current MLM program to join with me in my selected MLM program. 
I have the real system that has proven itself to work well for countless people.


Here's how the MLM Rocket Recruiting System works for You...

By purchasing this system, you become an authorized Team Leader for this system. As a Team Leader, YOU will CONTROL the growth of your business and help your downline members to effectively use the MLM Rocket Recruiting System. 

1) You start by mailing a ready-made postcard (with your name and address) to opportunity seeker mailing lists.

2) Serious prospects will send you $3 to receive my ready-made special report. This report is designed to convince people to join your chosen MLM program. Along with the report, you will include the details about your MLM program so they can join directly under you.

3) People will join your MLM program and send you their completed Rocket System Order Form (along with $30 one-time Registration Fee).

NOTE: EVERYONE that joins your
MLM organization will send their completed
Rocket System Order Form
 with $30) DIRECTLY TO YOU.

4) After you have verified a new associates' enrollment into your chosen MLM program, you will send them a complete Rocket System Toolkit.

The complete Rocket System Toolkit includes
3 components:

1. 4-Up Ready-to-Print Postcard sheet
2. Ready-to-Print copy of
 the Special Report (that they sell for $3 to their prospects) 3. System Training Manual that explains
how to start building their business fast

5) Your new MLM downline associates will start mailing postcards to opportunity seeker mailing lists. When your associates receive $3 report orders directly, they will send the report to their customers -- along with the MLM program details (so people can join directly under them). 

6) People will join the MLM program (directly under their sponsor) and send the completed Rocket System Order Form (along with $30) to the Team Leader (which is YOU).

7) After you have verified a new associates' enrollment into your chosen MLM program, you will send them a complete Rocket System Toolkit. 

All of Your Downline Members Pay You $30
to use this System.

That's Right. Because you are the Licensed Team Member of this System, EVERYONE in Your Downline Organization will pay you a one-time $30 Registration Fee to be able to use this System to promote Your chosen MLM program.

Look how powerful
this $30 Registration Fee
is for you...

»» With 25 downline members X $30,
that's $750 in your pocket.

»» With 100 downline members X $30, that's $3,000 in your pocket.

»» With 500 downline members X $30,
that's $15
,000 in your pocket.

»» With 1000 downline members X $30,
that's $30,000 in your pocket.

PLUS...You'll also earn residual income from your chosen MLM program.

This MLM Rocket Recruiting System causes your
MLM downline to grow fast.
You really don't
 have to worry about anything, because my Rocket System tools will do all of the sorting, selling and sponsoring for EVERYONE. 


Team Leader Operations Guide

I will also provide you with a Team Leader Operations Guide (that's just for you). With this Operations Guide, you'll be able to fully understand all of the working dynamics of this complete system.

I'll also teach you the

One thing that you include with your MLM Program will determine your success or failure. Apparently most people don’t know because it’s missing from their MLM Information. This missing component will boost your response more than
anything else. It will greatly increase your
 name recognition and help you
sign up hundreds of new people by providing
 the ultimate downline support system. You must have it or you will fail. 



For over 25 years, I've received countless phone calls from people asking me for an MLM recruiting system that they could use for their chosen MLM program.

I've always turned them away. NOW...I have created the system that every MLM person wants and needs...a system that enables ANYONE to promote their chosen MLM program -- and actually get their prospects to follow through by joining with them in their MLM program.

It was complicated for me to be able to solve all of the problems with creating this system. But I have finally done it. It is now made avaliable to you.'ll confidently be able to grow and
sustain an MLM downline...and reap the benefits
of ever-increasing residual income.

Until YOU start working this system, you can't even imagine how well it works. I've made it simple for YOU and your downline members. Everything is already done for you. 

Start mailing postcards. People will send you $3 to get the report. Send people the report and many of them
will join your chosen MLM program.
They'll also send you $30 to
start using the system themselves.
Each time you mail, you get more orders - and end up with more
people in your MLM downline.

Your downline will grow faster and faster. You just need to use the system exactly as I provide it to you -- and it will work.


Place your order right now.


Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere
with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make.


Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


Most Sincerely,

         Doyle Chambers

Phone: 972-635-9407


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