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This is System 11

mlm lead king system

Hundreds of People Can Be Paying You
$297 Month After Month...Generating Passive
Recurring Income for You on Complete Auto-Pilot. 

Now before you flip out and say, "I won't join any MLM program"
-- this system is not what you think it is. This system has nothing
to do with trying to get you to join an MLM company.

From the network marketing or MLM point of view, first, let me say that I have been in network marketing for over 25 years. I have built very large MLM organizations.

I know a lot of people who are struggling in their MLM businesses because they don't know a thing about marketing. Although some MLM companies teach people lead generation techniques, they mostly use traditional methods. Many people are having problems getting new MLM recruits.

Almost all Multi-level Marketers are TERRIBLE AT MARKETING. They’ve never done any effective marketing campaigns to promote their MLM business. These MLM people think they have to sit in coffee shops all day to attack people in the hopes they can drag a couple of people to an opportunity meeting.

One day, I came up with an "idea" about how to leverage these MLM people and get them to send me money for a simple product. I immediately started taking serious action. And guess what? Within 4 days, customers did start sending me money. 

The first time I simple strategy pulled in more than 30 paying customers.

Think about it. More than 30 customers were sending monthly recurring payments directly to my paypal account. And, what was I selling? A simple lead generation service. 
But the magic was not in the service, it was in the overall strategy that I used.

Imagine if you could get your first 20 customers within just a few days -- and then another 20 customers EVERY SINGLE WEEK after that.

There are TWO Powerful Ways to Earn Money with this MLM Lead King System:

1. You can earn money by providing an ongoing supply of Leads to other MLM people who are building THEIR chosen network marketing business.
2. You can earn money by using the ongoing supply of Leads to build YOUR chosen network marketing business.

For any network marketing person, this is a great system to create leads for prospecting. In fact, I feel that anyone can use this system to effectively build their own network marketing business. But, the choice is yours. You may just want to use this system to make money by providing the lead service to other MLM people.

With this MLM Lead King System, you can easily create leads - and then assist MLM people by supplying them with an ongoing supply of leads.

This system for getting leads is very well explained. Everything is covered in detail. Most of the lead sources are really inexpensive. It includes the traffic sources and tools.

This lead system will generate an overflowing supply of leads for hungry MLM people.

By operating this lead service, you can provide people with an easy and reliable way to get leads…so they can promote their chosen MLM businesses.

You get the leads, supply those leads to MLM people, they get the signups and sales -- and you get paid. How easy is that!

Whether you like MLM or not – it’s a reality that MLM people need your help and marketing strategies. The MLM Lead King System can show you how to provide that service to countless MLM people.

This course gives the full breakdown on reaching out to the people in this MLM industry and making some serious money by offering them lead services.

The training is very thorough, including several options to make even more money with the system. Few stones are left unturned. I can't think of any area that was left out.

The whole business and marketing plan is already done for you. You will learn exactly how to generate leads and set up your sales funnel.

All you need to do is copy and edit with your details. Once your core foundation is established, you will apply leverage and charge a monthly or flat fee for the lead get additional commissions at the same time. New lead subscribers and sales notifications will flood your email inbox.

Your lead customers will not want to cancel this valuable service ever...because it will benefit them tremendously. They’ll be able to generate a steady income from these leads. This method is a win-win for everyone involved.

Even if you're new to Marketing, you’ll feel comfortable starting this business.

- No Rejection
- No "Telling Family and Friends"
- No Live Presentations

There Is No Need To Market...because new customers come to you automatically!

You can start getting high paying customers within days.

By using this exact system, I managed to get my first 20 customers in under 4 days...And they all were forwarded to my paypal account!

That's right. I've never said hello to them. I've never seen them. I've never been in the same room with them. But here’s what happened. They all forwarded their payments to me, they opted into my auto-responder, filled out a service request form and emailed it to me, I fulfilled the service and emailed it back to them -- and that was that.


This course is truly a step-by-step guide on how I started this special business based on
a "common sense” approach.

Step 1 - The Overlooked 'under-monetized' Market That Desperately Needs You. Here is where I explain the most wide-open market out there – the MLM Market! The profit potential is endless.

Step 2 - "One and Done" Customer Acquisition.
Here's how just ONE interaction can create an auto-pilot profit stream for as long as you wish. The best part is…you don't have to do anything other than mention that you provide lead generation services. The customers just fall into your lap.

Step 3 - Auto-Pilot Funnel Setup & Outsourcing.
After your "one and done" acquisition, you need the proper setup to funnel all of your new customers through…so this can be completely hands-free for you. All you do is log into your paypal account and see what you made for the day. You can even hire people to do all of the work for you.

Step 4 - Develop and Upsell.
This market is so outdated with their marketing approach. They know they need lead generation services, but they have no idea how to get it. Their business model has told them to ignore it…and do it the old broken way. The opportunities are ENDLESS for you!


This business model has NEVER been taught before, and it can never be "saturated"!

You’re putting yourself in front of a massive crowd of Multi-level Marketers. These multi-level marketers don’t have a choice. They need new leads and they want to increase their MLM sales.

They’ll be contacting you...because you will be the one who can provide these leads to them. And once you have one or two MLM people who are using your lead service, they’ll refer their MLM associates directly to you to get leads. It’s in their best interest to do so.

These satisfied MLM people will be sending more and more lead customers to you. The more lead customers you have, the more customers will be referred to you by all those people down through their MLM organizations.

It’s a simple method, but it really does work. All you have to do is follow the steps to get everything setup. Once you get the one or two lead customers, then an explosion of new customers will come to you automatically. And remember, these are monthly ongoing payments that you will be receiving from each of your lead customers.

You may even reach a point where you have to temporarily turn down new customers, until you can catch up with all the new lead customers. If someone drops off your customer list, then there will be plenty of new customers to that their place.
 You’ll have people lined up and begging to get leads from you.



 MLM people need lead generation.

MLM people do not have the patience, the desire or the time to acquire their own leads for their business.

The OLD MLM recruiting model is broken.

Many MLM people cannot market without leads. They don’t really want to learn how to do lead generation themselves. What they really want is for someone to do it for them. These people desperately need your help.

You can tap into the millions of MLM marketers, and have them pay you month after month.

You can provide them with lead generation without much work on your part.

The MLM Lead King System can teach you the simple skills to leverage and have MLM people pay you $297 or more every single month. There is a growing need for you to have and apply these valuable skills.

This system will show you where there is an endless supply of leads that you can tap into.

Just ONE MLM lead customer could refer many other MLM lead customers to you…as much as you want.

You will learn the training to use the tools to find these MLM lead customers, land the deals, and implement the lead generation system to supply the leads to your customers.

You’ll learn how to get each and every customer wanting to pay you more every month, while sending you an endless supply of new business customers.

You’ll learn how to use the lead generation system efficiently, so you maximize your profits.

The beauty of this is…you don’t even need to speak with new customers, if you don’t want to. Your existing lead customers will be doing all of the selling and convincing for you…to their MLM associates.

Imagine having just ten lead customers paying you $297 to $697 each and every month. What if each of those customers wanted to send you hundreds more customers, and yet you didn’t even have to increase your workload?



Here's just a sample of what you
will be getting once you download
The MLM Lead King System...

Module 1 - Customer Ignition - Packed with insider secrets and tips, in this module I will cover how to find and ignite your "one and done" customer forwarders.

Module 2 - Sales Funnels & Setup - How to get all your autopilot customers to join your mailing list. Not only will you be receiving their monthly payments, but also promoting affiliate offers to them as well. I guarantee your head is going to be spinning from the potential profits detailed in this complete blueprint.
- The services I perform for these people are as simple as it gets. In fact, this can be outsourced for very little expense. I know you’ll be saying "It can't be this simple". But it is.

Module 3 - Monetization - Your customer igniters will be paying you every month. Plus, they’ll also voluntarily forward 20 more paying customers to you every month. This is where the BIG BUCKS come in. From just one customer can spring forth an overflowing well of endless customers for you.


This MLM Lead King System
is for the person who wants to:

1. Make money by providing leads to other MLM people.
2. Build their chosen MLM business using the leads.

This is a powerful way to leverage this untapped market with a twist. This is an evergreen niche that will never fall short of hungry new prospects.
With this system, you can generate a long-term, predictable income stream.


When you buy today...You’ll also
get the following BONUS.


Are YOU Still Sitting On The Fence
When It Comes To Creating
Your Own Funded-Proposal Sales Offer?

Right now, you can instantly use a proven, ready-made Funded Proposal System Sales Offer that can generate $37 payments funneled into your bank account every single day like clockwork? 

"You Can Instantly Become the Author of Your
Very Own Marketing Information Product and

Brand Yourself as a Marketing Leader"

You NO LONGER have to:
- promote someone else's product, establishing THEM as the go-to-guy
- build THEIR mailing lists
- fill THEIR pipeline with eager buyers and laser targeted prospects

That has been pretty much the only logical choice for marketers. After all, nobody that's truly building their marketing business has the time, nor the energy to spend creating and producing their own information products.

So people resort to taking the path of least resistance - just plug into another guru's "system" and promote their stuff and build their brand. After all, it's working for them, right?Absolutely right! They set up their OWN system and got other followers to use it.

No offense to these well-known gurus, but don't think for a minute that they don't know it’s THEIR OWN NAME and reputation that’s being built and spread around the internet.

True – these well-known gurus built a system for people to promote the ebook (as an affiliate) and capture leads. But those leads were really opting in to THE GURU'S LIST, not the referring affiliate. These new prospects were mainly becoming THE WELL-KNOWN GURU’S customers. These marketers thought they were generating THEIR OWN hot leads by using the guru's affiliate system.

But when it comes to marketing, YOU need to be one who "owns the relationship" with the leads, building YOUR reputation as a solid player, and promoting YOUR cause. You need to be in control with a product that builds YOUR BRAND, not theirs! 

This Ready-Made
Funded Proposal System Package contains everything:

» The complete product eBook (This is high quality ebook written by an author who understands and appreciates marketing). You get the .pdf version and the fully customizable source file.
» A pre-built complete minisite (with a powerful sales letter), a lead capture page, and download page. (Included are all the files you need to customize and upload to your webspace.)

You don't have to settle for "affiliate" status anymore! You can OWN the lead generation process, the product, and the relationship with your prospects. You can even customize the content and put your own name on it. 

You can quickly and easily turn this Ready-Made Funded Proposal Offer into your
very own customized
lead-generating, sifting and sorting machine that generates continuous $37 orders.

YOU get this entire Funded Proposal System FREE
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Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


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         Doyle Chambers


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