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My Upfront Cash System can provide you with practically unlimited capital to promote your chosen business...
I Can Plug You Into An UpFront Cash System That Consistently Generates Daily Cash And Reels-In All The People You Need To Build And Sustain Your Ever-Growing Business! 

Most likely, all of these points are TRUE statements concerning your past efforts:

1. You have lost money on advertising before.

2. You never know until afterwards if your ad will work or not.

3. The cost of advertising slows you down.

4. If you had an unlimited advertising budget, you could make the kind of money you need.


People who fail don’t have enough cash flow coming in to be able to effectively continue with their business. This is especially true during the extremely critical start-up period of any business. If a person can’t make it over that “hump”, they’re doomed to failure.

In order for a promotion of your business to cost you nothing, it would have to PAY FOR ITSELF -- right? In other words, it would have to be “SELF FUNDING”!

The way to make all the money you want in ANY business would be with a SELF FUNDING PROMOTION. Think about it.


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What if you could make other people pay your advertising costs?

Just imagine how many prospects you could reach.

With an unlimited advertising budget, you could literally get your sales message out to the world. Everyone would know about your business.

Your name would be FIRST in the minds of the people who matter most - your customers!

A mass advertising campaign would suddenly be available for you to use as you saw fit.

Customers would respond in droves. And you’d never again have to say, “I can’t afford to advertise there!” Net result? Your business would turn into one giant cash register.

...Sound like a dream?

For most people that’s all it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Not if you know how to use Upfront Cash Strategies the way I will teach you.


Let’s start with what it isn’t...

» It’s not a form of free advertising. Most free advertising is only free because it wasn’t worth anything to begin with.

» It’s not a Co-Op where you get together a group of people to all “go in” on an ad - and then split the cost.

» It’s not a back-end, follow up offer.

» And it doesn’t have anything to do with Discount Advertising or any other form of cost cutting bundles. 

An Upfront Cash Strategy does so much more than just pay for itself. It pays for the continued growth of your business. A true Upfront Cash System actually brings you a continual income stream JUST FROM THE ADVERTISEMENT ITSELF!

Did you understand what I just said? An Upfront Cash System brings you continual income just from the advertisement itself. 

Have you ever heard of getting paid to advertise?

An Upfront Cash Strategy makes you money 3 different ways:

1. It saves you the “out of pocket” expense of paying for all your own advertising. Say you were promoting a $300 product. Normally you’d have to target your market, select the appropriate media and then pay the cost of advertising out of your own pocket. An Upfront Cash System does away with all that.

2. An Upfront Cash System gives you a continuing income stream above and beyond what you can expect from the sale of the actual product you’re using the Upfront Cash System for in the first place.

Let me make this clear...there’s the Upfront Cash System -- and there’s the product you are promoting. YOU MAKE MONEY OFF BOTH!

3. An Upfront Cash System increases sales over any other form of advertising. You will automatically achieve a higher conversion rate of turning inquiries into sales.

It works better than any other method of advertising you can possibly offer. The reason for this is -- the Upfront Cash System establishes the best possible selling relationship.

Where your normal sales message is limited due to the cost of advertising space, an Upfront Cash System gives you as much time as you need to communicate your unique selling advantage. And the beauty of all this is the prospect is paying for it!


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Let’s not “beat around the bush”. You need Upfront Cash Strategies because you’re in the business of making money, not losing it.

Upfront Cash Strategies give you everything good about advertising - without the cost.


You get:

EXPOSURE. Your ads will go to the maximum number of prospects.

REPETITION. Your prospects will see your ads over and over again.

INVOLVEMENT. Because of the unique nature of Upfront Cash System, your prospects will be more involved with reading, using and re-using your advertising.

TARGETED PROSPECTS. Your Upfront Cash System only goes to prospects with a proven track record of buying products like yours.

CONVERSION RATE. It isn’t uncommon to achieve a 20% or even higher rate of sales.

INCOME STREAM. Other forms of advertising only offer returns after the sale. A Upfront Cash System brings a financial return before the sale.

Why do you need an Upfront Cash System? 

Because it’s the only way you can be sure to make money -- not lose it.


You need a constant flow of new customers.

That’s what makes the cost of advertising such a problem.

How are you supposed to make a profit when it costs so much money to advertise?

Currently you have to come up with the money out of your own pocket each and every time you advertise. It’s a risk...a risk you “believe” you have to take if you want your business to grow.

But I’ve got news for you. If you know how to do it correctly, it’s virtually a sure thing that you’ll make money.

The real solution is to eliminate the cost of advertising while still getting the benefits of what advertising can do for you.


Get rid of the cost and you’ve eliminated your risk. Otherwise, the cost of advertising alone can kill your business or moneymaking program.

Lack of capital is the single biggest reason for business failure. So why not attack the problem of your advertising costs before it attacks you?


My name is Doyle Chambers and in some ways I’m a lot like you. I struggled and struggled to make money. All I wanted was a little more control over my lifestyle.

But even though I worked long and hard at doing “all the right things” in my advertising -- I consistently lost money. In fact, I lost tens of thousands of dollars.

The biggest frustration I had was the lack of any information or techniques which applied exactly to my situation.

Everything I read either assumed I had unlimited cash, or acted like making money was easy.

I’d go through whole books and maybe find a few paragraphs which vaguely related to what I was going through.

I finally came to the startling realization that the individual small businessperson like myself was basically left in the dark on purpose.

Most of the “how-to” information we get offered is only meant to get our money. Not help us! And if you’re wondering if I’m right, just look at a few pages of ads in any business opportunity magazine.

There’s a big difference between what really works in advertising and the type of so called “solutions” you and I are routinely offered.

So what I did was carefully study what the most successful, highest paid business experts actually did...NOT WHAT THEY SAID THEY DID!

What I discovered is as fascinating as it is exciting. I’ll give you one hint...consistently successful businesspeople do not pay for their own advertising.

What does that tell you?

Well, it better tell you why you should purchase your own Upfront Cash System! That’s why I’m presenting it to you.

Is that straightforward enough for you?

The reason I’m so confident you need the Upfront Cash System should be obvious.


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So...as long as all of the money for advertising is coming out of your own pocket, you are at risk. You! Maybe you’ll profit...and maybe you won’t.

But the question you have to ask yourself is - can I afford to lose?

Here’s an even better question...

What is the value of an advertising system which shows you how to take all the risk out of your own advertising?

The Upfront Cash System shows you -- step by step -- how to create and profit from your own system. It’s simple, direct and easy to use.

For the first time, you’ll be able to consistently make the money you need. 


» Why nobody talks about Upfront Cash Strategies...

» How Upfront Cash Strategies are used by the select group of marketers who consistently make money.

» How to uncover a virtual gold mine of hidden assets and missed opportunities you’ve overlooked in your business which are just sitting there...

» How to create Upfront Cash Systems for any business or program you choose - no matter what it is...

» How to devise, formulate and execute your own Upfront Cash Systems from scratch...

The Upfront Cash System will give you the “down to earth” information you’ve always wanted to know in order to consistently make a profit.

You get simple solutions to the most common advertising problems all individual small businesspeople face.

Never again will you feel like you’re struggling to “catch-up” with what’s really working in your business field. This system gives you exactly what you need to make more money at what you’re already doing.

You’ll discover how to consistently make a profit even though you’re under capitalized... how to economically test your ideas so you can weed out what’ll work... and how to increase the number of customers you sell to.

 This system saves you from wasting your money. It takes the mystery out of your advertising decisions.

Learn the truth about how to advertise and why...

Learn what works and what doesn’t... and what to avoid...

Learn how you’re most likely to make a profit at what you’re already doing...

Learn the best resources for the individual small businessperson.

You’ll get all this and much, much more when you purchase the Upfront Cash System. I’ve priced my system ridiculously low. You’ll probably make at least 10 times that amount in your first 30 days alone!

Unlike most greenhorn and illogical entrepreneurs, I do not resort to outlandish money-back guarantees and no such policy is expressed or implied. MY SYSTEM HAS ALWAYS ATTRACTED ONLY THE MOST SERIOUS MONEY MINDED
INDIVIDUALS WHO RECOGNIZE THE HIGH VALUE OF A GENUINE HOME INCOME-GENERATING OPERATION - because frankly - anyone who puts this quality system into motion will be able to create a continuous income.

The Upfront Cash System is totally unique. It’s the first of its kind. Why? Because it exclusively addresses you!

There’s never been such a wickedly effective advetising method designed for the individual small businessperson. The Upfront Cash System takes you “over the edge” -- to the success you deserve!

Order right now and start making consistent money...over and over.




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