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Many People Are Now Learning How To Generate Fast Sales For All Types Of Products By Placing Tiny Classified Ads In Hundreds Of Newspapers With Just One Phone Call.

One guy made over 400 thousand dollars in
ONE YEAR from placing little newspaper ads.

This Millionaire's Newspaper Advertising Secrets Could Be the Answer YOU need to:
Build A Huge List of Subscribers and Generate Continuous Sales.


I once heard a speaker at a seminar
tell the story of how he sells
almost everything from
newspaper classified ads: 

  • information products 
  • physical products 
  • affiliate products 
  • service type products 
  • MLM programs 
  • CPA Offers 
  • and even access to membership sites 

This man's story really
got me interested in
Newspaper Classified Ads.


 classified market


Do you recall those late-night infomercials in the late nineties? Those "make money" with placing classifieds. Remember all the testimonials where students were pulling in six figures a year from just placing tiny classifieds and sending out small reports via direct mail?

Well, I am here to tell you, those methods worked well in the day and this system shares how placing tiny classifieds work even better today using the latest online technology.

The Newspaper Advertising Cash Builder System is a step by step system on how you can take this marketing method and combine it with multiple modern methods of using affiliate programs, your own products or ClickBank products, squeeze pages, auto-responders and more.


People who read newspaper ads
are motivated.

newspaper reader

They will take action by typing in Your Website URL into their browser and take a look at what you have to offer.

Your Newspaper Ad visitor is actually INTERESTED in what you have to offer. This is called real buyer traffic.

Once they get to your sales page - you'll have their full attention. Quality traffic translates into HIGH CONVERSIONS
for what you are selling.

If someone takes the time, and goes to the trouble of getting on their computer after reading a newspaper ad, you KNOW that they want something from you.

The quality of these prospects are much better than what you can get from online marketing methods. These leads convert into sales.


To fuel your imagination, let me tell you all the different ways to
get people to respond to your Newspaper Classified Ads:

check Get people to write to receive more free information.

check  Get people to send $1 to $5 for your information report.

check Get people to call a phone number and listen to a recorded message, and leave their personal contact information to receive more information.

check  Get people to go to your website sales page.

check Get people to go to your squeeze page and opt-in to your subscriber email list in exchange for a free report.

check  Get people to go to an affiliate product website so you can earn affiliate commissions.

check  Get people to go to a CPA Offer website so you can earn affiliate commissions.

check  Get people to go to an MLM or Network Marketing website so you can recruit new people into your downline group.

check Get people to go to a free membership website so you can get new members.

check  And many, many more calls to action...

The Newspaper Advertising Cash Builder System will show you how one man generated over 400 thousand dollars in ONE YEAR from placing little newspaper ads. He started from scratch, created a tiny ad, tested the ad and turned his investment into a multi-million dollar business venture.

The system covers a vast amount of information that could easily help you expand your business. You will have to put some work into what this system teaches. However, once you have your winning classified ad created and tested, you could actually generate a nice income in a very little time period - weeks, or months.


You WILL start small and grow it out...and then you do the bigger ones. The key is make small tests with your ads and when you have a winner, start rolling out gradually and reinvest your early profits so you can scale up. Your JOB should be to keep your ad running in the newspapers week after week. When your ad starts converting well with lots of sales, crank it out nationally into more newspapers.

You can take advantage of a large network of weekly papers across a specific region or even nationwide. Once you start to expand, you can go back to the newspaper sales rep and renegotiate your ad deals to get discounted prices. At this point, they won't want to lose your business. These lower ad costs can increase profits.

When you are out in the papers week after week after week, those papers get floated everywhere for weeks on end. People are always reading old papers. If your number and/or website URL is still good, they go there and see that you're still offering that product. Then they buy. You get more sales out of what you already paid for weeks earlier. Your profit margin can then go through the roof! The sales can come in all day long and all night as well.

It is a fun life when you have an award winning ad! You just renew the ad placements with a couple of phone calls, and fax back your approval sheets.


In this complete system, you'll learn:

check mark how to create a winning ad.

check mark how to create a win/win relationship with your advertising reps (they will actually investigate publications on your behalf).

check mark what type of newspapers to start with at very little cost.

check mark how to expand your proven ad into thousands of newspapers (with one phone call).

check mark You'll learn a little secret for setting up your business and how it will save you thousands and possibly tens of thousands per year in overhead costs.

check mark You'll get examples of ads the Millionaire Marketer created and used to create his successful campaigns.

check mark You'll learn the exact products the Millionaire Marketer used to generate his very successful business.

check mark This man even provides you with full access to his very own advertising rep that will work with you.

check mark You'll never have to worry too much about competition.

check mark It doesn't matter where you are located. Advertise in Newspapers within the USA from China, India, the Philippines, or anywhere.

check mark You can quickly and easily gain subscribers for your growing email list.

check mark You can promote any type of products you choose.

I've seen some of this information before, but in courses priced at $295 or more. This system contains very good actionable some information that isn't taught in those expensive courses.


Added Bonus Included...


I'll Provide You With A Ready-Made Classified Ad Campaign...

Imagine it, hundreds of cash dollars coming to your home EVERY WEEK from people all over the country. There is no feeling like going to your mailbox every day and taking out cash money - instead of bills. 

Do you remember listening to me talk about the Skin Care classified ad in my video?

I'll provide you with that exact same
Skin Care Classified Ad
 that has
proven to pull in countless $5 orders.

I'll also provide you with all the content
you need for your Skin Care Report.

You'll have everything you need to launch your first Newspaper Classified Ad Campaign so you can start
earning money immediately.


How much are you
making from your
marketing efforts?

It's easy to get LOST
in the Internet Jungle.

It makes perfect sense to go where no one else is. Newspaper Classified Ads can be a very EXCITING way to get your marketing message out to new prospects...and make more money.


Place your order right now.


Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere
with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make.


Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


Most Sincerely,

         Doyle Chambers


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