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I’ll Set You Up with a “Turn-Key” Business...I’ve Already Done Everything for You - Just Copy My Success and Reap the Rewards! I Specialize in Renting Mailing Lists to a Select Group of People - Mail Order and Multi-Level Marketers!


You Can Get Started In This High-Profit Mailing List Business the Fastest, Easiest and Most Successful Way Possible ... My Successful Mailing List Distributors get to use THE EXACT SAME SALES TOOLS that I’ve used to Generate STREAMS OF CONSISTENT MONEY for Years and Years.

As you are well aware, there are millions of people involved in mail order and multi-level marketing. Mail Order and MLM are growing at a phenomenal pace...and there is no end in sight!


During the California Gold Rush - the shopkeepers, the saloon keepers and the hotel owners (let’s not forget about those who sold picks and shovels!) were the ones who capitalized on the gold miners by providing services... and they were greatly rewarded.


By renting mailing lists to mail order and multi-level marketers, you will be rewarded greatly, too! You can tap into this tremendous market for mailing lists too, by joining my select group of successful mailing list affiliates!


Marketers are always in need of a constant supply of good names to mail their offers to that will consistently bring them a high response rate.


These marketing businesses are looking for High Quality Mailing Lists. It has been said that “the next best thing to selling stamps at your own post office is renting names to which to mail to”.



I think it would surprise you to know that many people search year after year for a High Quality Mailing List but never actually find one! This creates an enormous opportunity for you!



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There are many mailing list companies that will pay you 25% to 50% commissions for getting other people to rent their mailing list. For example: you send out a flyer advertising a certain mailing list company’s lists and prices. The person who responds may decide to order 1000 opportunity seeker names priced at $80. The mailing list company would send you $40 (50%). If a person ordered 2,000 names priced at $150, you would receive $75 (50%).





I try to mail out at least 100 flyers which advertise a certain mailing list company’s lists and prices every day! About 98% of the people who mail out mailing list company flyers make very little money. I am one of the 2% who actually does make money.





STEP 1: Write to several mailing list companies and ask if they would be willing to give you a commission on each mailing list rented through your efforts. There are numerous mailing list companies to be found advertising in national opportunity magazines. Some mailing list companies offer dealerships with only a small one-time set-up fee, while others charge a yearly dealership fee from $20 to $150. Search out list companies and request their dealership information (if available).


Many companies have a commission program whereby you can place your name and address on their flyer and you receive your commission in advance when the orders come directly to you - and then you forward part of the money to the company so they can fill the order.


There are also many mailing list companies that will assign you a code number that is placed in the order form within the mailing list flyer. When you mail out that flyer and a person responds with an order, that order is sent directly to the mailing list company (not to your address). The mailing list company will usually mail your commission check to you on a weekly basis for all orders received.


When working with a mailing list company that uses this code number method, you can check them out by having a friend place an order with that mailing list company using your coded flyer - and then you should receive a commission check from that mailing list company. When working with mailing list companies who use the code number method, it is important to check them out. Most are honest, but there are a few that would hold out on you.


STEP 2: Write a sincere, convincing letter to send with your mailing list flyer. Making the letter sincere is the key to success! People are used to receiving mailings with just a plain impersonal flyer inside. If they were to receive a personalized letter with the flyer which was extremely convincing and sincere, then you would have an excellent chance that these people would respond.


Mail order marketing is often too impersonal and if you can personalize your business, people will respond accordingly.


Here is a sample letter that is extremely convincing and very sincere:


“Dear Friend, I am very impressed with this list and I believe it to be the very best mailing list available. You see, I searched long and hard to find the perfect mailing list. I contacted many people in the marketing business to learn which list would provide me with the most consistent, high-response. Of the 500 or more lists around - the one I’ve sent you has received the most praise! It is supposed to be the best mailing list in circulation today! I think you’ll be happy with the results!!! People who use this list consistently report a high response!”


When you write your own personalized letter, write it in such a way that it tells the reader exactly what they want to hear. Ask yourself what would a personalized letter say to get you to rent a mailing list? Keep asking yourself that question and you will arrive at the perfect letter. Always be truthful when writing your letter. Be sincere in your letter and it will bring a good response!


Type your letter on a typewriter or a computer. You can have your Personalized Letter and Mailing List Flyer offset printed to save money.


Mail your flyers and personalized letters in regular #10 white envelopes. Be sure to use a return address on all envelopes. Hand addressing envelopes usually brings a higher response. But you may use mailing labels to work faster.


STEP 3: This is the most important step of all. The best mailing list to sell would be one that is not as well-known as the others, and also one that would actually bring in a high response rate for mail order marketing businesses. Try to find one with a catchy headline or title.


Remember, most people are not satisfied with their mailing list and if you sent someone a sincere, personalized letter saying that you knew of an excellent mailing list, most people in need would at least give your mailing list a try to work for them.


If you send out hundreds of mailing list flyers with a different appearance, that produces a high response and had an appealing headline or title that caught your prospects attention - there is a very good chance that they will respond with an order. Plus, if there was a sincere, convincing personalized letter included with the flyer - the chances are excellent that they will respond with an order.


It only takes me about 30 minutes to mail out 100 letters each day. You can get a local Mailing Service shop (see your Yellow Pages under “mailing service”) to fold and insert the letters into envelopes for you. Then all you have to do is apply mailing labels and postage stamps on the letters - and then drop them in the mail.


Once you start making money you can have the Mailing Service shop do all the work for you. For every hundred mailing list company flyers that you mail out, you can expect about 3 to 8 people to respond. Most of the people responding usually rent 1,000 opportunity seekers at a time. When they rent 1,000 names, you’ll make approximately $35 (depending on the mailing list company’s prices and your commission percentage). You can easily average at least $186 or more in clear profit every day.


STEP 4: Now concerning who to mail the mailing list flyers to - you must understand how a mailing list company works. I cannot tell you just one source to buy your names from. Mailing list companies will sell the exact same list to anywhere from 20 to 100 different people. If I told you one typical mailing list company to buy your names from, I would be doing you a disservice. If I did, there would be several people mailing to the same list of names. Within my Mailing List Affiliate Income Kit, I will provide several good sources for obtaining mailing lists.


But don’t just depend on buying mailing lists to mail to. Search out and use other sources. I am very selective in choosing names to mail to, as you should be. One source I use is to look through opportunity publications and find advertisers with well written advertising. Then I mail to them.


I’ll tell you how I get my best names! I write to every mailing list company that I can find. I just write them a letter and say something like this: “I am an opportunity seeker and I’m involved in several multi-level plans. Please send me the prices for your mailing lists”.


By using these words you will accomplish two things. First your name will automatically be placed on the mailing list. And second, the mailing list company will send you their price list.


I am currently on about 100 different mailing lists and I receive about 40 pieces of mail a day. The mail that I attract are excellent names to rent mailing lists to. I’ll just keep their names in a box for about a month and let them “age”. I give them time to find out that the mailing list they used produced a poor response, then I mail to them.




The knowledge gained from this information can literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you over the course of your lifetime! You have the advantages of my experiences I have divulged.


I propose that you consider starting a small mailing list rental enterprise which you can launch easily, inexpensively and quickly - and then “grow it” to whatever size you wish - just as others whom I’ve helped have done!


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Why struggle to try and search out a mailing list company to represent that will only supply you with stale, unconvincing sales materials that may not be proven to pull in orders for you! My sales materials are time tested and proven to consistently pull in the most orders in the shortest amount of time!




My sales material consistently pulls in orders like a FIELD OF WILDFLOWERS ATTRACTS SWARMS OF HUNGRY BEES! Yes, it took years of persistent testing to make that a reality.


You can easily benefit from my hard work. When you put your eyes on my powerful sales materials (the exact same flyer and sales letter that you will be using), you’ll understand instantly how my system will quickly start making money for you!




This plan is simple! It would be hard to make a mistake if you tried. I don’t care if you are a High School Drop-Out, a Retired Senior Citizen, or anything in between...my system will work for you!




What I offer is not a fad. It has been in huge demand for decades and the demand is ever-increasing!


The opportunity is so vast that no-one will be in competition with me or you. Rest assured that the money you can make with this plan is long lasting...as long as you want to work the plan you’ll continue to pull in the money! A steady flow of money for a LIFETIME!


Imagine having a project that will NEVER stop making money for you!


With this system you really can make money fast! You can get started for less money than most people spend for a night on the town.


I’d say that it takes about an hour to put the wheels in motion. I believe this is the sweetest little money-making system you could ever imagine...the fastest way to legally and honestly make lots of money!


Very few people (about one in one hundred thousand) know the proper way to CASH IN on it, in this very simple manner I’ll share with you!




Nobody will do it for you but hundreds will do it instead of you if you pass this up!


Imagine how your day-to-day life will change if you use this system to get the money you need. You won’t have to worry about bills...and most of all, you will finally have PEACE OF MIND!


With this proven system, you can start in your spare time. You can grow as fast and as big as you wish! The size of your profits is totally up to you!

Let me be perfectly candid. I feel strongly about this unstoppable, ready-to-go system. I’m looking for people I can work with on a long-term basis.


The ridiculously small price that I’m asking does not even come close to matching the enormous value that I provide with this system.


I’m only accepting a limited number of new affiliates, so hurry and jump on this powerful Mailing List Affiliate Income System RIGHT NOW! SEND YOUR ORDER TODAY! This is far too important to put off!





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