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Before reading this letter about System 12,
please read System 8 FIRST by
 Clicking Here



IMPORTANT: Only those people who join
System 8 FIRST, can join System 9 and 12.


How it works is -- You promote System 8 using the marketing tools, and then System 8 itself will automatically promote System 9 and 12 for you. System 8 will automatically convert some of the people to upgrade by adding System 9 and 12. All marketing tools are for System 8 only. There are no specific marketing tools for System 9 and 12.


Make Money Using My Powerful
Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan.
Just Mail A Few Postcards Each Day And
Generate A Steady Stream Of Income.

I Send Out Real Paychecks Every Other Friday
to My Successful Dealers... And You Can
Get Your First Paycheck Fast!




Most people today are never able to create a substantial income - because their income is limited to only their efforts. They are simply trading their hours of work for someone else’s dollars.


As long as your income is limited to what you can personally earn with your own two hands, then creating wealth will be difficult - if not impossible.


The Billionaire J. Paul Getty said it best,

“I’d rather earn 1% from the efforts of a hundred people than I would a 100% from my own efforts.”

Read that again. Let it sink in.

He’s talking about LEVERAGE.


It's all about what you can do for others and how well you can attract and build your own network of people.

This network can give you the applied LEVERAGE that you need to earn more money.


Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers.

Every single day, thousands of dollars in orders flow into my office. I have already generated unbelievable profits with my special products.

These products:
(1)...are in high demand and have a great interest to almost everyone.
(2)...are extremely well received.
(3)...have a high perceived value.
(4)...are already manufactured and ready to sell with no hassles.
(5)...are proven to make money.

Many people struggle with their own marketing business because they don’t know what to sell, and how to create effective marketing tools that really work to generate consistent sales.

But what if these obstacles could instantly be removed?

I’ve already done that for you.

As a 20+ year master marketer, I understand exactly
what many new marketers want and need:

a “ready-to-make-money-now pre-packaged, everything included simple fast start dealership system”

-- which also includes low-cost marketing tools
that work, and straight-forward instructions.
Yes, everything is handed to you
 on a silver platter.


My Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the Real Alternative for Failing Marketer’s - because of:

♦ One-Time-Purchase. No ongoing monthly purchases.
♦ You AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A DEALER with the purchase of my System 12 product.
♦ This 3-Level structure provides for FASTER AND LARGER INCOMES than other programs.
♦ Just mail a few postcards each day and Generate a Growing Stream of Income.


I have a business model
here that is based on a
 3 level corporate
payout structure.

Executive Dealers can
share in the profits that
their dealers produce.

You receive commissions on three levels when individuals
 yourself purchase my System 12 product.
All commissions earned from this 3-level plan
are based on the sales of
 my product.




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With my Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan, you’ll be earning $300 on Level One from your own efforts.

Then you’ll be applying massive LEVERAGE while earning $400 on Level Two
and $650 on Level Three from the efforts of possibly hundreds of people.

That's Powerful!



  So…what is the System 12 product? 

System 12 is a Library Collection of Systems, Videos, Audios and Reports covering a wide range of important topics to help you grow your business and improve your life.

You can't even imagine the time and effort I spent gathering, sifting and evaluating this information. It took years to produce and combine them together into one collection...and you get everything with your purchase of System 12. Here's your chance to get thousands of dollars worth of vital information that can help you in countless ways. Please read the descriptions below.


If it costs more, it’s got to be worth more!  YES, that's absolutely right.

In my opinion, this is the real education that every American should have received. This is the real thing that you have been searching for all your life. You will be astonished and empowered with these System 12 products...I promise.

This System 12 Product Library Collection took 8 years to gather. I literally spent over $31,000 to acquire these products, along with the licensing rights to offer them to you. The practical marketing education that you'll receive from these marketing products is priceless...far greater than a Harvard marketing degree.

The marketers you'll be directly learning from have earned millions with their marketing methods. If you applied only a small percentage of what you learn from these System 12 products, I believe you'll go on to achieve astounding results.

The Products 

DM AutoPilot Workshop
Public Domain Reports
Unstuck Online Seminar
2 Cents Tube Clicks 
Carefully Crafted Emails 

Lead Generation Mastery 
Fail As Fast As Possible   Secret That Makes You Rich

Offline Bullet Cash 

Avalanche List Building 
Sales Funnel Mastery 
Video Creation Blueprint 
Product Creation Hero 
Email Marketing Assassin
Solo Ad Basics
Solo Ad Professor 
Knockout Profit BlackBook 
The 9 Profit Pillars 
WSO Cash Code 
Extreme Cash Profits 
Adsense Cash Blueprint 

$100 Per Day Blueprint

Fast Cash Commando 
Ultimate Solo Ads  
Solo Ad Sales Funnels 
Passive Cash Profits 
Sales Funnel Commando
Blog Profits Exposed 
$500–$3000 Pay Day Formula Amazon Physical Product Cash 
Passive Cash Profits 2.0
Video Sales Formula
Conversion Cash Machine Social Signals Unleashed 

Fastest Way to $1k Per Month

Blog Network Guide 
Advanced Funnel 
Advanced Internet Marketing
Automation Marketing
Blackbelt Product Creation
Power List Building 
Sales Funnel Course
Bing Brings You The Bling 
Email Insider 
Email Maestro 
Inner Circle Solo Ads 
Ultra Targeted Traffic 

Publish On Amazon Kindle 

Youtube Ads Excellence Azon Income Master
Traffic Babylon Monthly Membership Blueprint
Continuity Income FBA Profit Mastery
High Ticket Authority Video Sales Funnel Mastery
Affiliate Marketing Excellence Fiverr Brokering Secrets
Niche Authority Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics



Now...Let's Get Back to the
Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan...



I can teach you how to build a steady stream of income that all starts from a single sale to one person.

Each sale you make can automatically bridge into a future upgrade sale for an additional product. 

With my system, you can sell one product which leads people into a 2nd higher-priced product purchase, and then a 3rd product.

For many people – System 8 will be enough for them. However, for those people who want to earn even higher commissions -- I’ve created an OPTIONAL add-on system called “System 9” and "System 12".

System 9 does cost more – but you can potentially triple your commissions without doing any additional work.

Only those people who join System 8 FIRST, can join the add-on System 9 and 12. After you experience System 8, you may want to consider joining System 9 and 12.


Once people enter my integrated system - most will find it difficult to back out. It’s built to compel forward momentum. Prospects end up selling themselves and instinctively see themselves in the driver’s seat as a System 8 Dealer. The upgrade sales mechanism for an OPTIONAL Add-On System 9 and 12 is automatic and built-in.

Many people have asked, “Can I begin as a System 8 Dealer and wait to earn money before upgrading to purchase System 9 and 12?”

Yes, you can! --- BUT you could lose commissions by waiting to upgrade into System 9 and 12.

Here’s the catch: You can only earn dealer commissions on the specific system products you have actually purchased yourself. Non-buyers of my systems at no time are qualified as a dealer to re-sell and earn commissions on any system they have not purchased themselves.

Lots of people would be thrilled to earn a nice income retailing only System 8. These people won’t take it to the next level by purchasing System 9 and 12.

However, the serious dealers will purchase System 9 and 12 so they can earn onSystem 8 and System 9 and System 12 sales made through their referrals. Others whom you refer will be buying System 9 and 12. 

If you wait to upgrade into System 9 and 12, then you could lose money. There have been thousands of dollars in unpaid commissions because the referring sponsor was unqualified.
Others have asked, “How is it possible to promote System 8, System 9 and System 12 products at one time?”

All of the provided marketing tools are used to promote System 8 only. There are no marketing tools specifically for System 9 and 12.

 You simply use the marketing tools to promote System 8…and then System 8 will automatically do all of the work to convert people into System 9 and 12. 

When you have purchased both products, you can effectively operate your business by mailing just ONE POSTCARD or ONE SALES LETTER.

That’s right! Your referral prospects will read your Postcard or Sales Letter and go to my catalog website. After reviewing System 8, they will submit their product order. Whenever they purchase System 9, then you would start earning 3-Level commissions on System 9 (depending if you have purchased System 9 yourself). The same thing applies to System 12.

People line up and purchase ALL systems -- and then start mailing postcards and sales letters as a Multi-system dealer, which generates bigger and bigger commissions for you.




My Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the Perfect Add-On Program for You.

Okay, so you’re already working another type of venture or promoting a product by mail. No problem.

The Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the perfect Add-On Program for any venture you’re currently working.

That’s because you can USE the income generated from this business to help support your other business ventures.

And if you don’t have an existing’s the perfect business to start all by itself.

Isn’t it time for you to get in the game?

Prepare yourself with a real financial backup system to rely on if your job is ever swept away. There’s no better business than a mail order-internet marketing business for ease of starting, low startup cost, and substantial income potential.

If you’re new to mail order or internet marketing, this is a great way to make money right from the start.

Everything is worked out for you. Just follow the easy instructions and you can soon be making more money than many old timers.

Get started today. Grab hold and don’t let this slip away.

Before you do anything else, give me the go ahead and ORDER RIGHT NOW. I mail commission paychecks every other Friday.

I’ll be looking forward to sending your first paycheck. Order now. 



Phone: 972-635-9407


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Fast Action Bonus:

If you order quickly, you'll receive a Special Bonus. What is it?
When you get it, you'll be able to use it immediately to drastically improve your life and your finances.

BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST TO GET THIS VERY SPECIAL BONUS!   This Fast Action Bonus is LIMITED to the FIRST 125 PEOPLE who submit their order BEFORE 11:59pm TONIGHT

   The Clock is Running...



Order Now
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Yes Doyle! I'm ready to start building a strong income with System 12 and The Three-Level Publisher's Profit Plan. I have read and agree to the purchase agreement and legal disclaimers shown at the bottom of this website.

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Three-Level Publisher's Profit Plan

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 Terms of Agreement: In no way does this make me an employee of Doyle Chambers, and I am responsible for my own Federal, State and Local Taxes. I understand that I am solely responsible for my success in this program; that all commissions paid to me through Doyle Chambers are from the sale of the product; that Doyle Chambers does not guarantee any specific earnings from the Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan or from use of the product. I also understand that I am not obligated to market the product and if I choose to market it, then I accept full responsibility for the manner in which I choose to market it. No guarantees as to amounts made or to be made are to be used to entice marketing participants.

Doyle Chambers’ other available systems are optional. However, I can only earn dealer commissions on the specific System products I have actually purchased myself. Unlike most illogical entrepreneurs, Doyle Chambers does not resort to outlandish money-back guarantees and no such policy is expressed or implied. I understand and agree that all orders are final after processing payment and cannot be cancelled for any reason. I agree that I am buying as information only and no sales or income is due or promised.

Void where prohibited by law. Doyle Chambers reserves the right to make changes in this program to comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws. Permission is granted to authorized dealers only to copy, providing no changes are made to this © Postcard and © One-Page-Letter. Your submitted order signifies you fully agree with all terms stated above.

Please note: This course is not refundable. Please do not purchase this product if you intend to request a refund or if you will not be taking action with the course materials. In this product, I share my entire business with you. I cannot allow people to learn this entire business and receive all of the included business materials for free by requesting refunds after they make their purchase. Receiving these business materials for free, by requesting a refund after your purchase would not be fair to me or to the people who have purchased the course. If you have any doubts or reservations about purchasing this product, please do not purchase it until you are ready. This product includes everything that I have personally used to earn a substantial income over many years. I cannot allow people to obtain this entire business for free, by ordering it, downloading all of the materials, and then requesting a refund. Thank you.

System 8, System 9 and System 12 are not available to Texas residents AND all foreign countries outside of the U.S.A. and its territories. 

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