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What If Lots Of People Quickly Sent Hundreds, Or Even Thousands Of Postage Stamps To Receive A Desperately Needed Product?

Would All Those Postage Stamps Help You Mail More And Grow Your Mailing Business?


Imagine how your mailbox will overflow with FREE postage stamps...after simply mailing my powerful Sales Letter that will draw the Postage Stamps in from EVERYWHERE!!!... continuously...over and over again Generating More and More Postage Stamps for YOU!


Would you like to have droves of people line-up and beg to send you their postage stamps for a
ready-made in-demand

Yes, I certainly do have the product that can do just that (and the marketing materials to go with it). I’ve already generated thousands of postage stamps with this product.

This product has a high perceived value - and is extremely well received. This product can generate continuous amounts of postage stamps for you.



It’s my special report called

It teaches you all about marketing and other important life matters. And, to make a long story short, it gives you the BIG PICTURE - in intricate detail - on how to succeed in multiple arenas of life and business. Not only is it unbelievably motivating, but it gives you detailed
road-maps to follow.


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I’m giving you the opportunity to sell this perfect ready-made-product so you can generate hundreds, or even thousands of postage stamps to use for your mailings.


1   As an Authorized Dealer - Here's What You’ll Do:

Mail out this sales circular to any mailing list. You could place your circular as a full page advertisement. You could have a reliable company print and mail thousands. Include this circular in every envelope you mail. The more circulars you distribute, the more stamps you could receive. The number of stamps you’ll receive will be dependent upon your efforts. 


2  Here’s What You’ll Receive:

1. A ready-to-print copy of the One-Page Letter that sell this offer.

2. Dealer Kit with Your Authorized Dealer Number.

3. Powerful Report entitled: "The Big Picture" and many other special marketing training products.


3  Here’s What To Expect:

The cost of stamps keep rising. Yet, predictions indicate the Mail Order Marketing will continue to boom! Like you, lots of people who see this program will join us -- and soon have hundreds of stamps to significantly increase their mailings. Mass mailers will jump at the chance to get an abundance of free stamps. They will sign up quickly.


3-level System 2 Comp Chart

You receive postage stamps on THREE LEVELS when individuals like yourself send postage stamps for
my System 2 product.

All postage stamps earned from this 3-level plan are based on the sales of my product.

George Washington Postage Stamp

With my Three-Level Free Postage Stamp Plan, you’ll earn 60 Postage Stamps on Level One from your own efforts.

Then you’ll be applying massive LEVERAGE while earning 80 Postage Stamps on Level Two -- and 100 Postage Stamps on Level Three from the efforts of possibly hundreds of people.

That's Powerful!


The sooner you join us, the sooner the mail carrier will be bringing you lots of free postage stamps.

system 2 info-pic

I hope you realize that this stamp program can get you more FREE stamps than some people would know what to do with. This program will help the little mailer become a big mass mailer.

With just a FEW ORDERS, you’ll have you startup costs back!


Included with the "Free Postage Stamp System" is my special report called "The Big Picture" and a Master copy of the Sales Circular so you can start getting lots of FREE POSTAGE STAMPS.

Order the Free Postage Stamp System now for just $197.00 and instantly downoad everything in just moments.


Fast Action Bonus:

If you order quickly, you'll receive a Special Bonus. What is it?
When you get it, you'll be able to use it immediately to drastically improve your life and your finances.

BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST TO GET THIS VERY SPECIAL BONUS!   This Fast Action Bonus is LIMITED to the FIRST 125 PEOPLE who submit their order BEFORE 11:59pm TONIGHT

   The Clock is Running...


Order Now and Download Instantly...

Yes Doyle! I'm ready to start building a strong income with The Free Postage Stamp System.  I have read and agree to the purchase agreement and legal disclaimers shown at the bottom of this website.


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