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The Real Cash-Flow Funnel
BLOWS Peoples' Minds...
and Pays You Endlessly!

The Real Cash-Flow Funnel is an automatic selling system that generates Ever-Growing Cash-Flow for You.

YOU market the system + the system sells =
products get sold AND You Earn Money.

This Marketing Machine does all of the selling for you. The System gets people to "walk over broken glass" to BUY what we sell.

More income streams are pre-built inside of everything being sold. The system keeps working and pulling in more money for you.

By participating with this funnel system, you end up getting others to market the system. NOW - YOU HAVE GAINED LEVERAGE-INCOME. 

With just a one-time small affordable cost, you can get started in this instant home business and begin making money immediately.

All you do is Mail Postcards and/or Advertise on-line and off-line with powerful ads that drive prospects into your Referral Website.

You can drastically increase your income by Adding this Real
Cash-Flow Funnel to EVERYTHING ELSE you are already promoting.


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Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers. I worked this exact same Mail Marketing System for a time period of just 1 year with a completely different company...that was over 21 years ago.  
Because of my efforts from that one year of working my system, I have been collecting a fat check every single week for the last 21 years from that one company. All of that money made was a result of the work I did one time...over 21 years ago.
And guess what? I'll continue to receive that weekly income for the rest of my life...and beyond that for my heirs. That is the magic of leveraged income. 

Then...I adapted my proven Postcard Marketing System (the exact same system I've been using for over 21 years) and started building this new business. 




 Before you join a business opportunity,
you should first KNOW HOW you are
 to promote your business.



1. Review the FREE REPORT and call me with your questions. Then, you enroll in the business opportunity using the ID Number found on either the postcard you received or an advertisement. I'll provide you with everything so you can quickly start building your business by mailing postcards.

2. You start mailing out postcards to a mailing list of opportunity seekers AND/OR you can hand out cards to people you come across in your daily life.

3. Your prospects will read the postcard and call my voice message which encourages them to go to this same website to receive more details.

4. Your prospects will receive a FREE REPORT which shows (in complete detail) how this opportunity and my Postcard Marketing System works to create ever-growing leveraged income.

5. After your prospect receives the FREE REPORT (sent automatically by email), they will review the complete information. I will answer their questions and lead them to join us. Your prospect will go to this website to enroll in the business Under You using Your Affiliate ID#.

(Remember, this is completely automated so your only job is to mail my postcards and I’ll do the rest! Your prospects will call my phone number if they have any questions. So you see...there is no need for you to even speak with anyone EVER. I'll do all of the follow up and lead your prospects to join under you. I'm offering you a nearly hands off business.)

6. I will help your new business associates to start building their own business by providing them with the necessary marketing tools 
( Ready-to-Print Postcard AND my Postcard Marketing System which explains in extreme detail how to build their business quickly and effectively by mailing the postcard to opportunity seeker mailing lists ).

*OPTIONAL - You can even do this business ONLINE with a Referral Website and the Advertising Toolkit!

Advertise on-line and off-line with powerful ads that drive prospects into your Referral Website.



Watch this VIDEO to see how the
Real Cash-Flow Funnel
works to make MONEY for YOU.




Real Cash-Flow Funnel

Here’s How This "Real
Cash-Flow Funnel" Works:


You FIRST start out by selling a high-demand $69 offer. Everyone Has $69.

LOW COST = More People Buy Our Incredible System 1 Product.

It’s easier LEADING with a $69 product than a $1,000 or $3,000 product.  


System 1 actually helps People Earn Money from MULTIPLE products, not just one. With System 1, you earn 40% commissions from the ENTIRE CATALOG




And there's more...



More income streams are pre-built inside of everything being sold. What you sell also pre-sells something else. “A” leads to [B] and then up-sells and back-ends [C]. You are earning throughout the ENTIRE sales process. 

» System 8 Built-in Back-End Upgrade Pays BIG on 3-Levels

» System 9 Built-in Back-End Upgrade Pays BIGGER on 3-Levels 

» System 12 Built-in Back-End Upgrade Pays GIANT on 3-Levels 


With each of these upgrade systems there are THREE LEVELS OF BIG PAYOUTS. And when the “initial get in” is only $69, almost everyone joins and you now have 100’s of people to “upgrade” so you can make even more money...automatically.




By first purchasing System 1, you can earn 40% commissions on every product in the ENTIRE CATALOG. That means you also earn 40% commissions on Systems 8, 9, and 12 (even if you don't upgrade into them).

HOWEVER, YOU CAN CREATE MASSIVE LEVERAGE when you UPGRADE by purchasing Systems 8, 9, and 12. Then you can earn a much greater income with 3-LEVEL Commissions on Systems 8, 9, and 12 -- INSTEAD of earning 40% commissions.


This Step-By-Step System Automatically Leads Everyone to Upgrade. The real goal is to earn over and over in multiple ways, off the same base of customers. These products HOLD the buyers attention and bring REPEAT business for even MORE PRODUCTS.


A System is Only a System When What You Sell Induces Multiple Back-End Upgrade Sales.



Real Cash-Flow Funnel



This system automatically does all of the work to get your prospects all jacked up to get ready to buy.

The system creates
the sales for everyone.

People absolutely  fall
in love with this system.




I have no interest in calling 50 strangers a day. I'm simply not going to chase after people to pitch them on a product, and then try to overcome all of their objections to close the sale. 

So I had to figure out a way to build my business in a way that I’d enjoy. I never wanted to chase people down, pursue them, pitch them over the phone, or convince them of anything.

That's when I discovered a type of marketing campaign that is designed to create an immediate action...even sell products directly from the ad itself...without the need to talk to a prospect first. Yes, I’d figured out a way to sell any service or product online, and I never had to call a single person over the phone or meet with them in person to do it.

Over 25 years of relentless hard work, I have perfected my automatic sales presentation system. Today, my online sales presentation continues to produce an ever-growing monthly income in automated revenue for me, and my affiliates.


Here's how my automated sales presentation can work for you:

1  My entire system strings together websites, videos, follow up email messages, PDF Reports, postcards and sales letters. My system works for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It never gets tired. It gives the perfect sales pitch every single time, and it can give that pitch to an unlimited number of people, all at the same time.

2  My system has the ability to take a complete stranger, and provide them with all of the information they need in order to make the decision to buy at that moment in time.

3 The built-in follow up selling system keeps emailing prospects to keep them interested, and build a fire within them until they place their order.

4  My system has the ability to accept all the customer credit cards as payment and process the orders.

5  And finally, you - as an affiliate - get paid on-going commissions on sales from your referral customers.

Most people always run into the same problem when trying to make more money with a business. And that order to make money, you have to sell something to lots of people.

Do you hate the idea of having to hard sell something to anyone?

Does the thought of talking to a prospect in person, or over the phone terrify you?

But even more terifying, most people hate the thought of being broke for the rest of their life, so they keep searching for a workable solution so they can make more money.

This automatic sales presentation system is Your Sales Robot that never requires your personal participation at anytime in the selling process. And that’s the important key to help you create an ever-growing income.


mail 30 postcards a day 

This "Irresistible Postcard" Makes More MONEY For YOU...Endlessly!  

real cash-flow funnel postcard 

real cash flow funnel

All you do is mail ONE Postcard
or Marketing Letter, and your
prospects see everything.

You keep getting paid
over and over



*OPTIONAL - You can even do this business ONLINE with a Referral Website and the Advertising Toolkit! 

Advertise on-line and off-line with powerful ads
that drive prospects into your Referral Website.



 The Funnel Postcard

Funnel Marketing Letter

Free Stamp Letter

Advertising Toolkit

The Referral Website





 Here's why mailing 30 Postcards A Day works...Watch this VIDEO.







I am building my group on a scale that's unheard of in Networking. There is simply no time to sit and ponder if this is real or not. Those who take immediate action will benefit greatly. You do not want to sit on the fence too long.

Now, here's your chance at creating a better life for you and your loved ones. You'll have me to help you build an ever-growing leveraged income. The timing here is critical for you.

I invite you to join our team and discover how effectively my Postcard Referral Marketing System can work to make money for you.

Join our team today by following the 5 Steps below.

If you have questions or concerns - then give me a call.
When you call me, you won't get a sales pitch - I'll just answer your questions. I'm not a high-pressure or hard sell type person. My approach to you will be to simply answer your questions and let you decide for yourself. I know that the best people convince themselves rather than letting other people convince them. So I'll let you do all the work.
Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make. Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order and complete the application this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.
So act now.

Most Sincerely,
Doyle Chambers

doyle chambers

Phone: 972-635-9407

P.S. Everyday you wait to get involved in this business - hundreds of people are joining that could be in your income stream. Think about that!

YOU ARE LOSING PEOPLE WHILE YOU ARE READING THIS LETTER. Lock yourself into a valuable position in my organization right this very minute - so you won't lose any of the next people coming in after you.

You can start this business with very little money.




Make the decision to get started by following these 5 Steps: 



Step 1:

FIRST -- Read all of these instructions entirely. Be sure that you understand all of the steps.



Step 2: 

system 1 

Read and learn about System 1 - the Affiliate Income System. 

Next, enroll into System 1 for a one-time cost of only $69.

Be sure to enter the ID# (that is on the Postcard or Advertisement that you first received) when checking out through the shopping cart.

After you have joined System 1, Doyle will email you everything you need to start earning Big Money fast!



Step 3:

system 8

Read and learn about System 8. 

*This is an Optional Upgrade that can drastically increase your income and leverage by earning commissions on 3-Levels of BIG Payouts.


Step 4:

system 9

Read and learn about System 9. 

*This is an Optional Upgrade that can drastically increase your income and leverage by earning commissions on 3-Levels of BIGGER Payouts.


Step 5:

 system 12

Read and learn about System 12.

*This is an Optional Upgrade that can drastically increase your income and leverage by earning commissions on 3-Levels of GIANT Payouts.












Read My 10 Business
System Reports Now!

business system report

10 business system reports




Testimonials 1


Testimonials 2





An Open Letter from Doyle... 

Why would you spend all the years
and all the money necessary to learn how to do what I do -- when you can have my talents and experience working for you?

Why re-invent the wheel when
you can have the best
wheel-maker working for you?

I labored hard and struggled years ago, learning what to do. You don’t have to go through all that work.

I Will Provide You With A
Powerful Marketing Tool
Designed To Go To Work
For You Immediately.
It is tested, proven, refined and
it’s already been working for
over 20 years for the thousands
of people in my organization.

My long track record of success gives me credibility that you can "piggyback" on. I have the credibility and you get to take advantage of it every time you use my Postcard or Marketing Letter. You are not going to get a sponsoring tool or help like mine anywhere else.

I’m letting you use my Postcard and Marketing Letter - and I’m handling the phone calls on your behalf to help you build your business. I’ll personally talk to your prospects to get them to understand how this system works - so they’ll join your growing organization of excited people.

Then, on a regular basis I’ll provide Training Updates so you and everyone in your organization can gain more insight and motivation. I will develop a relationship with each committed person and assist them in building their successful business.

COLD HARD FACTS usually frighten
most people, however good
business-people soon learn that
skirting or turning a blind eye on the inevitable winds up costing them time and money.

For a business to succeed it must have been well designed and a business plan formulated. Anything less is sheer folly. By extensive developing you a 6-Step Business Plan - I have created the fastest way I know how to build a growing leveraged income with a small startup cost.

The FIRST HARD FACT is -- 50% of the people will not read this material. Not because they can’t read, it’s because they will simply be too unfocused and distracted by minor things. Procrastinators and dreamers are going backwards...slipping further and further behind.

The SECOND HARD FACT is -- another 15% will read everything and create excuses in their mind why they can’t do this or that without even trying. That’s like saying you don’t like caviar - without ever having tasted it.

The THIRD HARD FACT is -- another 15% will read everything and still persist in doing things their way, even if the truth and their past failures are overwhelming against them. Or, maybe they have become lazy with indecision and the inability to act. Or, maybe they have become comfortable with the way things are and they want to stay where they’re at.

The FOURTH HARD FACT is -- only about 20% of the people will make the effort to thoroughly read this material. Those 20% will read every word 2 or 3 times. They will get their pencil out, and they will become believers. They will understand that I am not asking them to do anything that I’m not doing.

They are going to decide it’s better to follow a successful businessman with a track record of over 20 successful years doing the same thing. They will decide to follow my guidance rather than a friend with a Hot Deal and no money.
That 20% who takes action to join me, and follows through -- will soon become financially independent.
Those are the cold hard facts.







There are two different parts for System 1. 
(1) The Distributorship and (2) The Product. The separate cost for the System 1 Affiliate Income System Distributorship fee is $19. The separate cost for the System 1 product is $50. Both of these costs combined total $69.

To comply with USA state laws, no commission is paid on the $19 System 1 Affiliate Income System Distributorship fee. However, a one-time $50 commission is paid on personal sales for the $50 System 1 product itself.
In addition, 40% commissions are paid on personal sales for the other products offered within Catalog Website.









 How Did You Hear
About My Website?

When placing your order, please use the ID Number found on the Postcard or Advertisement that referred you to this website. 

Enter the ID Number into the space
that says
which is located at the bottom
of the Checkout Page
inside my Shopping Cart.




Please DO NOT lose this
very important ID Number found on the Postcard or Advertisement that referred you to this website.


Here's how the Sponsor's ID Number is handled:

In addition to entering your Sponsor's ID Number during checkout within the Shopping Cart process, everyone must Activate their Distributorship.

After someone orders, they will receive an email with a link taking them to the Download Page. On that Download Page, there is an Activation Form.

Everyone must follow this Activation Form to send me all of their enrollment information by email.

They must also send me their Sponsor's ID Number found on the postcard or advertisement.

If a person doesn't give me their Sponsor's ID Number, they can't get their own assigned ID number.

I manually assign all ID Numbers.

The Sponsor's ID Number is carefully handled with the Distributor Activation email process.

Nobody falls through a crack or loses.

Thank you!

Doyle Chambers







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