System 9 Publisher's Profit Plan 


Before reading this letter about System 9,
please read System 8 FIRST by
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IMPORTANT: Only those people who join
System 8 FIRST, can join System 9.


How it works is -- You promote System 8 using the marketing tools, and then System 8 itself will automatically promote System 9 for you. System 8 will automatically convert some of the people to upgrade by adding System 9. All marketing tools are for System 8 only. There are no specific marketing tools for System 9.


Make Money Using My Powerful
Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan.
Just Mail A Few Postcards Each Day And
Generate A Steady Stream Of Income.

I Send Out Real Paychecks Every Other Friday
to My Successful Dealers... And You Can
Get Your First Paycheck Fast!





Most people today are never able to create a substantial income - because their income is limited to only their efforts. They are simply trading their hours of work for someone else’s dollars.


As long as your income is limited to what you can personally earn with your own two hands, then creating wealth will be difficult - if not impossible.


The Billionaire J. Paul Getty said it best,

“I’d rather earn 1% from the efforts of a hundred people than I would a 100% from my own efforts.”

Read that again. Let it sink in.

He’s talking about LEVERAGE.


It's all about what you can do for others and how well you can attract and build your own network of people.

This network can give you the applied LEVERAGE that you need to earn more money.


Hello, my name is Doyle Chambers.

Every single day, thousands of dollars in orders flow into my office. I have already generated unbelievable profits with my special products.

These products:
(1)...are in high demand and have a great interest to almost everyone.
(2)...are extremely well received.
(3)...have a high perceived value.
(4)...are already manufactured and ready to sell with no hassles.
(5)...are proven to make money.

Many people struggle with their own marketing business because they don’t know what to sell, and how to create effective marketing tools that really work to generate consistent sales.

But what if these obstacles could instantly be removed?

I’ve already done that for you.

As a 20+ year master marketer, I understand exactly
what many new marketers want and need:

a “ready-to-make-money-now pre-packaged, everything included simple fast start dealership system”

-- which also includes low-cost marketing tools
that work, and straight-forward instructions.
Yes, everything is handed to you
 on a silver platter.


My Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the Real Alternative for Failing Marketer’s - because of:

♦ One-Time-Purchase. No ongoing monthly purchases.
♦ You AUTOMATICALLY BECOME A DEALER with the purchase of my System 9 product.
♦ This 3-Level structure provides for FASTER AND LARGER INCOMES than other programs.
♦ Just mail a few postcards each day and Generate a Growing Stream of Income.


I have a business model
here that is based on a
 3 level corporate
payout structure.

Executive Dealers can
share in the profits that
their dealers produce.

You receive commissions on three levels when individuals
 yourself purchase my System 9 product.
All commissions earned from this 3-level plan
are based on the sales of
 my product.

System 9 and 3-Level Publisher's Profit Plan


With my Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan, you’ll be earning $100 on Level One from your own efforts.

Then you’ll be applying massive LEVERAGE while earning $180 on Level Two
and $300 on Level Three from the efforts of possibly hundreds of people.

That's Powerful!



  So…what is the System 9 product? 

System 9 is a Library Collection of Systems, Videos, Audios and Reports covering a wide range of important topics to help you grow your business and improve your life.

You can't even imagine the time and effort I spent gathering, sifting and evaluating this information. It took years to produce and combine them together into one collection...and you get everything with your purchase of System 9. Here's your chance to get thousands of dollars worth of vital information that can help you in countless ways. Please read the descriptions below.



Find The Right System...Stick To That One System...And Never Quit. 
You can keep searching high and low and all over the internet and I'm certain you'll not find a better system taught to you in a better way than with this program here. I know because I'm a student of this program myself and I believe in it so much, I got the rights to the system to be able to provide it to you. That's right, I believe in this course so much that I did whatever I could to get my hands on the course so I can provide it to you. If you follow a proven system that works... and you STICK to that one system, then the sky is the limit on how much you can earn. The day you focus on this system is the day everything changes for you financially. Here's What You Get: Over 5 hours of video training on what to do and how to do it, taught by a real million dollar business person -- step-by-step! A 140 page Blueprint (point-by-point) that takes you by the hand and shows you how to do everything.
Easily Create One New Product Each Week And Quickly Sell It.
I have personally created over 40 products, many of them produced in literally 3 days. Many of them have generated me over tens of thousands of dollars. How would your life and business change if in 12 weeks, you had 12 products in your arsenal? Are you ready to start creating your product line? And as you follow my simple will crank out a new product each week. And as you crank out your new products, you sell them quickly. And each product you create sells more than the product before it...and the reason is that not only do you get NEW buyers of your products with each product that you launch, but many of your existing buyers will ALSO buy each new product that comes out. And in that way, you sell more and more of each product that comes out. Here's what you get: over 3 hours of step by step, detailed audio MP3 teachings and written tutorials in pdf form.
Create An Automated Marketing Machine Where Prospects Rush In The Front Door...And Sales Come Out The Backend.
Sure, you might be buying different training products here and there. You’re struggling to put all these disconnected things together on your own. You don’t have a well-constructed marketing system. If all the parts don't fit together, you have nothing. Do you want to continue down that frustrating path, and waste time? Your system must be completely automated -- and work while you are sleeping. If you are unable to remove yourself from the selling process, then you don't have an automated independent business -- you just have another job. You are getting a proven master plan...including what works well, what does not work...and multiple techniques for how you can copy and duplicate exactly what I am doing. I’ll show you how to sell products people want to buy -- and sell those products automatically. Once someone buys the first product, are they automatically placed into another sales campaign that automatically begins selling the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th products. This complete step by step training program includes over 18 hours of detailed instruction on MP3 audios and written PDF manuals. This entire program actually sold for $997. I obtained it so I could provide it to you. ITEM-3
Provide Online Help In The Offline World And You Can Earn Big Money. 
You could be earning significant income from people in your own local area…everyday. These are people you’ve done business with in the past, but you were the customer. Turn that relationship on its head. Once you have developed online marketing skills that business owners in your neighborhood desperately want and need, you can provide those services to them. These offline business owners are completely befuddled. They want a web presence, and they want to generate leads online, but they have no idea where to start. That’s where YOU come in. If you know a bit about setting up websites, optimizing them for the search engines, and generating leads using content marketing -- then you can help them. And even if there are certain tasks you can’t do yourself (like designing a site), you certainly know how to outsource them and pay very little. Offline business owners are willing and able to pay top dollar for you to use your skills and/or outsourced talent to get their sites up and running. It really easy…and I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to do. I'll also provide you with a list of 15 Different Services you should offer. The more valuable you become…the more cash your services will generate…for you AND for your client. Everybody wins! 
How Much Money Could You Make If You Had More Than A Dozen "Traffic Sources" In Place Bringing Visitors To Your Site Around The Clock? 
But not just any traffic will do. You need targeted, responsive traffic. People who are interested in your particular offer, in fact eager to buy your offer because it's exactly what they want. The question is: How do you get this traffic? Nobody has to convince you that you need traffic, right? You got this figured out by now. You know that it's a numbers game ... the more people who come to your site, the more orders you get. It's simple math. The reason the "gurus" make a boatload of money is because they get a boatload of traffic to their sites. All things being equal, the one who gets the most traffic gets the most orders. Some of the biggest and most-talked-about free traffic strategies do NOT work. But everyone talks about them because some marketer is selling a book about the latest and greatest whiz-bang traffic strategy. Or they work for a week or two until some loophole is fixed or some backdoor is closed. Then, like our drive we talked about earlier, those who use them are out of fuel. Can you say "Traffic is gonna slow down?!" That’s why you need to focus on the proven, time-tested strategies. These are the ones that work today and will work tomorrow. They’re reliable, predictable… and profitable! You’ll get 12 modules. Each one is a step-by-step "blueprint" for learning a free traffic strategy and actually putting it to work for you. ITEM-5
Discover The Strategies And Tactics Of Using "Push-Button" Methods To Continuously Bring In More Leads Than You Can Handle. 
Here are some of the other things you will learn the easy way which we learned the hard way: (1) The easiest Referrals .... how to use our twist on getting referrals to bring in the highest quality leads simply and easily. (2) Discover how and where to find the best Lists of prospects. If you work a high quality list, then it will contain more prospects than a poor list -- so you need to do less work to uncover each good prospect. (3) Using Friendship Trees -- to move from one prospect to another EASILY -- because When one prospect recommends you to another -- it's EASY to sell that to them. (4) Learn the Hierarchy of Quality of leads. Not all leads are the same. Some are much more likely to buy than others. Discover how to unearth more of the best leads by using different prospecting methods. (5) How 'suspects' become 'prospects' and then 'expects'. See the steps that each prospect walks on their journey from 'stranger' to 'customer'. Once you know this, you can hold their hand and lead them through the steps! (6) How to determine if you have a live prospect or a time waster. And what to do to get the sale! (7) 15 proven methods to keep in touch and maximize profit from your existing customers! Although prospecting and finding new business is vital .... so is making friends and keeping in touch with your present clients. They are the well from which you draw your best prospects .... for ever and ever (if you treat them properly). And much more is contained in this Lead Generation System.  ITEM-6
Presell Profit Plan...How To Create A Free Report That Presells For You. 
This informative guide teaches how to create free reports with useful information that persuades the reader to purchase a paid offer that you are promoting before, during and after the content in the report. You (and your partners) give away the report - and allow any reader to likewise give it away - to create a viral marketing campaign which spreads your marketing across the internet.
Outsource On The Cheap...7 Ways To Get Discounts From Outsource Vendors.
Everyone knows that outsourcing tasks that you don't know how to do, don't have time to do, or simply don't want to do is a must for all internet marketers and business owners. The question is: how can you outsource without busting your budget? This brand new guide explores seven great ways to convince outsource vendors to give you discounts (sometimes drastic ones!) on your projects to cut costs on just about everything you purchase. ITEM-8

From Zero To Profit...How To Make Your First $1,000 Online. 
Every beginner dreams of making that first sale and then that first $1,000. This useful report teaches how to do just that by creating and selling your own PLR content. It's a great "getting started" guide for those who are struggling with those early sales. The PLR industry is booming and this guide shows anyone how to break into the market with a successful first offer - and then it's just a matter of repeating the process to make that SECOND thousand. ITEM-9

List Vending Machine...5 Ways To Make Money With Email Messages. 
The fortune is NOT in the list. The fortune is in knowing how to monetize the list! I've heard many people tell me, "I've got a list but they just aren't buying anything from me!" This rock-solid guide teaches five proven-effective ways to get subscribers to buy, including example emails written based on each of the strategies being taught. Every list owner needs to read and apply these strategies for extra sales, whether you've got a list of 100K or just 100. ITEM-10
Inside Internet Marketing... Everything From A To Z. 
Originally this started out as a series of ezine articles on various subjects related to internet marketing and making money online. It was never released and kept growing until it became a great guide to internet marketing from A To Z! You'll find 26 topical entries with dozens upon dozens of helpful tips on subjects for every letter of the alphabet from "Affiliate" to "Zone" and everything in between. Perfect for selling as a guide or busting up into autoresponder and/or blog content. Each entry is a perfect place to promote a related offer. (Example: A is for Affiliate ... promote an in-depth affiliate marketing course at the conclusion of that article section.) ITEM-11
Cracking The Code...The Mindset Of Millionaires Exposed. 
Like thousands upon thousands of others I started buying every resource available to cut the learning curve. It’s too embarrassing to list everything I’ve bought or tried in an effort to become “successful.” Take my word for it, I have purchased a couple of hundred ebooks and studied them endlessly, signed up for hundred of ezines and downloaded their free giveaways. I wasted money on terrible products, and you name it -- I’ve probably tried it. Get this – there is no lack of information. No one is hiding the secret to building a business. Every secret to everything abounds...if you know where to look. There must be something more than just information. And there is something more. Much more. In this 120 page manuscript, you’ll discover how to crack the code that’s holding you back. ITEM-12
How To GROW Money On Trees. 
There comes a day in the life of every internet marketer when, while doing the same thing is still generating good results, the business isn't "growing". This short guide teaches 4 ways to keep expanding your business to increase your profit. This is an especially helpful guide for newcomers and intermediates who are ready to move their efforts from "hobby" to "business". The ideas in this guide can help create "multiple streams of income" from any information-based business regardless of what "niche" you're in.  ITEM-13
How To Build An Authority Site. 
What's an authority site? That depends on whom you're asking. Some say it's all about search engine optimization. Others look at authority sites as those created by experts and valued by users - something like where users trust the content because they know it was created by those in the medical field. This guide teaches the latter: how to create a site filled with expert content that your users trust, link back to, and recommend to others ... with "built-in" methods of generating money for you as the owner. ITEM-14
The Facebook FanPlan...17 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans.
Internet business owners are flocking to Facebook in droves to create fan pages for their businesses in hopes of cashing in on social media. The problem for most is simply this: they don't have enough "fans"! They build the fan page and it just sits there gathering dust. This useful guide teaches seventeen ways to get the dust off and get real fans to "like" your page so you can use it to create traffic and sales for your main offer. Anyone with a Facebook fanpage (you know, like a bazillion people!) is interested in getting more fans, so the market for this guide has incredible potential for orders. ITEM-15
21 Ways To Turn Your Information Content Stash Into Piles Of Cash. 
The more products you add to your sales funnel, the better chance you have of increasing the lifetime value of your customers. Whether it’s an old product you created, or a Private Label Rights (PLR) product you have license to sell…there are TONS of ways to take an existing product and make it new again. It takes much less time to repurpose content you already have than it does to create new content from scratch. Get the report, and choose one of the 21 tactics. You can start recycling your content…AND growing your business…and your bank account. ITEM-16 
How to Become A Master List Builder In Just One Month. 
The money IS in the list. That’s why some of the world’s best marketers focus so much of their attention on growing their lists. In this special report, you’ll discover some of the very best list-building tricks, strategies and secrets. To make this formula even easier for you to follow, I’ve divided each part of the formula into multiple steps. You can employ just one of the strategies discussed in this 70 page manuscript, and – By tomorrow you could already have NEW subscribers rushing to join your list. ITEM-17
The Graphics Gameplan...How To Make Money From Graphics You Don't Create. 
Who says you have to be a graphic designer to make money in this red hot industry? Whoever says it is just flat out wrong! This exclusive guide teaches how to get graphic designers to create templates, banners, packages, etc. for your exclusive use which you can then sell for 100% of the profit. Heck, you can even offer resale rights or PLR licensing ... it's as if you created the graphics yourself. Get into this red-hot market without knowing a thing about design. 
I'll Show You How To Become A Best Selling Author. 
Make the “best-seller” list on the world’s leading book site,! Writing is fun. Well, writing what you want to write or what you enjoy writing is fun. If you’ve written a book’s worth of material…that’s a lot of work! Don’t you want others to see it? Don’t you want a reward of some kind? Maybe you’ve thought about it before. And maybe you’ve brushed it right out of your mind. You just couldn’t really imagine yourself creating a book that actually snagged a spot on a bestseller chart. Why don’t you think you can do it? Being able to say “My book is on the best-seller list on Amazon” would be incredible. That’s the kind of thing you’re proud of forever. Inside of this report, you’ll learn all of the secrets, tips, methods, and avenues you need to use to put yourself in position to be the next “great American novelist”, business writer…whatever your interest! This resource is full of dozens upon dozens of tips, examples, and real world advice that can literally take you to the top of the rankings on We’ll cover everything, from top to bottom, front to back, step by step. ITEM-19
27 Ideas For Creating Long-Lasting Membership Content. 
You want to start an ongoing membership site…You love the idea of the membership model…You want to make serious cash…month after month on autopilot…BUT -- You Need Ideas to round out your plan. Starting a Membership Site is a PROVEN business model…one of the most reliable and profitable around. You can have Repetitive, residual income – once customers sign up, the customer pays you repeatedly. The Content can be provided in bursts – a bit at a time. This kind of content creation is easy to manage. Chances are, you already have some ideas as to how to set up the site, how to market it, and so on. Maybe you even have a few ideas as to the topic of your membership site. But you’re always looking for more ideas and more ways to profit, right? I’ve put together 27 “waiting to be blockbuster” ideas for you to explore in constructing your membership site. You’ll get 15 different business related ideas…and 12 non-business related ideas. As you explore and implement the ideas contained within this report, you’ll no doubt start to see your own creativity blossom and generate even more cash generating ideas as well. ITEM-20
30 Minutes A Day Building A Successful Money-Making Blog. 
Tens of thousands of people all around the world have made money, achieved expert status, and maybe even found their life’s passion through blogging. You have a blog. You write. You actually think it’s pretty good. It makes you little or no money. For some of you, it’s a play thing you do for fun or to blow off steam…or have just another creative outlet. You know about other people making money…real money…with their blogs. You want to make money with your blog. In this mini-course, I’ll cover step by step what you’ll need to do…in just 30 minutes a day…to make your blog EXPLODE for your business! Now, you’ll have the training you need to minimize the time spent, while maximizing your effectiveness. You’ll be able to make your blog all that it really can be…and start making money. ITEM-21

35 Different Ways To Enhance Your Blog.
Maybe, you’re trying to make a living online, and really need your blog to be a part of it. If you want to turn your blog into an effective tool for your online livelihood…listen up. There’s TONS of heavy, useful information loaded up into this report. The bottom line is this…No blog can truly be successful unless it’s properly monetized. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re getting and how good your content is, this will always be the case. Without monetization, you won’t have profits…and without profits, there will be no reason to maintain the blog. So whether you’re a tiger online, or just a kitten getting started, there’s always something new to be learned. Go on, make the adjustments, educate yourself with this revealing report. ITEM-22

Discover A Step-By-Step Process For Publishing Your Own Blog And Making Money. 
There are millions of blogs populating the internet daily. A blog is a web-log hosted on a website. It allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal. Some in the blogging world have figured out how to write about their passion and interests, and at the same time make money from those visiting their blog. The 31-Day Guide To Blogging For Bucks course is just what you need to start making money with your own blog. You really can turn talking about your hobbies, interests, business, and kids into a gold mine. I started blogging about my passion. I stuck to a few hard fast rules and guidelines -- and monetized my blog. Now I’m earning a nice income from it. In 31-Day Guide, everything is broken down into daily action steps for 31 days. This "Beginner Friendly" Plan Lays Out For You Bite Size Daily Assignments To Complete Over The Next 31 Days. This 62-page course is concise, but comprehensive. No fluff. No filler. Just meaty steps to follow, taking you from "start to finish". ITEM-23
Detailed Steps To Start Making Money on eBay®...All In The Span Of One Month.  
Millions of dollars are being made everyday on eBay®. EBay® is the world's largest online auction website, where people can buy and sell almost anything. Some items for sale on eBay® cost tens of thousands of dollars, and some things sell for 99 cents. For each item listed on eBay, they collect a small fee, and another one if the item sells. In some ways eBay® is like a giant garage sale, where people bid against each other to buy your stuff. Most Sellers On eBay® Are Failing To Make Consistent Money…And Are Working Way To Hard For The Little Bit Of Money They Are Making. I discovered that it wasn't very difficult to turn eBay® into a continued income stream. After experiencing success by selling a few items, I soon realized there were tricks of the trade to help me grow my eBay® business, cut down the time I was spending on it, and increase my profits. In this daily guide, everything is broken down into daily action steps for the next 31 days. This "Beginner Friendly" Plan Gives You Small Assignments that can be completed very quickly. This 56-page course is concise, but comprehensive. No fluff. No filler. Just meaty steps to follow, taking you from "start to finish". ITEM-24
Setting (And Achieving) Your Goals. 
While some people are content to simply live and be entertained, others feel they have a responsibility to make something of their lives. What about you? Why do people want to achieve goals on a step-by-step basis? Because: (1) It is easier to achieve one easy goal rather than achieve 100 individual tasks. (2) It is safer (emotionally and financially) to start small and work your way up. (3) Fulfilling lots of individuals goals keeps you motivated and positive. (4) It’s easier to keep track of steps and organize plans of action. (5) It’s easier for friends or acquaintances to help you to achieve individual tasks.(6) Failure on a step is a minor setback, not a major loss that destroys the mission.People do not accidentally achieve great things. They work at their goals using a logical progression from point A to point B to point C and onward until Z. The intention of this system is to help you reach your highest aim, achieve the “impossible dream” and become a person who is at peace with him/her self. ITEM-25
How To Create A Webinar To Promote Your Offer. 
When I wanted to add another 500 members to my site, I held a Webinar using the methods outlined in this report. Did it work? Absolutely. You'll discover how to use the “3P Webinar Profits” formula to set up and run your own wildly profitable webinar. Here’s an overview of the “3P Webinar Profits” formula: PICK Your Platform: Here you’ll discover how to choose the best webinar platform for your needs. Plus you’ll get step-by-step easy instructions showing you how to get set up in just minutes. PREPARE Your Presenters: A stumbling, bumbling presentation won’t stuff your bank account with cash. Here you’ll discover how to give a polished webinar – even if you’re an absolute beginner and hate public speaking. PROMOTE to Prospects: Finally, here’s where you learn how to turn a sweet profit on every webinar you do. Of course, everything is detailed in a step-by-step fashion. Nothing is left out. ITEM-26
What You Need To Know Before Sending Your Next Email. 
So you've built a mailing list. Whether you have 100 subscribers... 1000 subscribers... 10,000 subscribers... heck, even 100,000 subscribers...If you don't know how to get your subscribers to open your email, you will generate dismal results and income from your email marketing campaigns no matter how big or small your mailing list is! You Will Discover Things Like: (1) How to monetize from every email you send out (and why 'giving away content' is pure B.S. and the bane of email marketing, contrary to what the average marketer preaches to you!) (2) What big Internet companies like Amazon and Groupon do to make massive profits from their email marketing campaigns. (3) How to optimize your email subject line to boost your open rates! (4) How to increase your call to action in your email body. (5) The best time of the day to send out your email! (Did you know that there are also times you're better off postponing your email campaigns, or you'd risk losing 35% of the responses if you had mailed out at a different time?) (6) The best (and the worst) days of the week to send out your email! (This is TRULY SHOCKING... there are days that produce less than half the average responses from other days!) (7) Open rate boosters and killers - how simple words can pull an extra +17% and even +12% increase... and avoid wrong words that can drag down your open rates by more than half! (8) Click Through Rate boosters - like one nifty way increases your CTR by +19%! On the other hand, CTR killers include one popular but overlooked method that actually filters your email into other people's spam folders easily!
And much more...!
Discover How You Can Create Your Very Own Profit-Pulling Emails Than Can Move Your Readers At Will. 
Here's How To Master The Skill Of Writing Persuasive Emails That Move Your Readers In Your Favor... And Start Making You High-Profits. In This System, You'll Discover: (1) The 4 main purposes and focuses you can use in your emails to move your readers at will. (2) All of what you need to know before writing every profit-pulling email promos! (3) The most dangerous 1-letter word you should refrain from using too many times - or your email will get killed instead. (4) The one nifty tool every top notch email marketer must have - I will also show you how to get it FREE. (5) 6 different types of powerful email promos you can write on any occasion. (6) How to maximize your email open rate through the head of your email. (7) The ingredients of a powerful subject line that gets your email open instead of getting deleted. (8) How to make your email opening catchy and beef up the reading interest in your subscribers. (9) The distinct razor-edge that will your keep email shortlisted out of the many emails your subscribers receive in their Inbox. (10) The success factor that hypnotizes your reader to take action... leading all the way up to your intention i.e. purchase your product, sign up for something, download a freebie, and more. (11) How to enforce your email letters with powerful post-scripts at the end of your letters. BONUS! Receive sample email promos that work - you can use, edit, modify, study, or anyhow you like for your own use. And so much more. Writing compelling promotion emails is likened to an essential survival skill in the E-Commerce jungle. If you don't have it, you won't be able to survive the competition. So invest in learning this priceless skill now and guarantee your future success.  ITEM-28
Discover How You Can Quickly Create Your Own Recurring Income Generating Asset Online.
YOU can make handsome profits from MASS Repeat Customers PLUS build your expert credibility manifold. Do you know the secret to creating recurring riches online? The one that allows you to make money at will and rope in sale after sale like clockwork? Yep, you have probably guessed it: it's having a responsive mailing list. For the first time ever, you will discover not one, not two, but MULTIPLE list building techniques that you can pick, choose, mix, and match... and use. Here's What You Will Learn In List Building Mastery: (1) Discover 6 totally different and unique strategies that you can easily execute right now and build your mailing list from scratch. It doesn't matter if you have only a few hundred subscribers or even 0 - these methods can be carried out right away! (2) A killer technique that can enable you to double or even triple your list building results using any of these tenderfoot techniques alone. (3) How to get TARGETED traffic funneled in from major Search Engines online FREE. (4) How to use articles to build your mailing list and establish yourself as an authority figure in any niche of your choosing. (5) How to earn decent returns from paid advertising online - I show you how NOT to waste money in lousy advertising PLUS show you how to identify paid advertising revenue that really works. (6) What it takes to achieve MAXIMUM opt-in rates from your list building campaigns. (7)How to drive in laser-focused traffic from popular Search Engines with little investment, MAJOR returns.(8) How to use online/offline media to build your database of responsive prospects without having to risk being too "sales pitchy" and resorting to hype in the process. (9) How to get people to willingly help you build your list for you without having to necessarily pay them. In fact, they might just pay you instead to do it for you! (No, this is not the affiliate program technique.) And you get much more. ITEM-29
400 Million Users Can't Be Wrong...Unlock Unlimited Earnings Potential With The Powerful Marketing Vehicle...FACEBOOK. 
Fact: If You’re Not Tapping Into A Worldwide 400 Million Person “List”…YOU’RE LOSING MONEY. Discover the simple, 3 step process for maximizing the vast “lists” already signed up with Facebook. Build your own massive lists by piggybacking on Facebooks popularity. Inside and out, A-Z, step-by-step, from profile pages to forums and fan pages, this is THE resource for Facebook list building. It’s EASY to do. In this system, you’ll learn step by step…from logging in to building a fan page and everything in between…how to utilize this vast resource and maximize RESULTS. You'll learn the best way to tap into Facebook and maximize not only profits, but have FUN doing it! You'll learn how and why to choose what kind of Facebook page you need...and Setting up your Fan Page...Including the 7 essential steps of set-up for success. You’ll find tips covering all necessary topics…including: (1) Uploading photos (2) Editing your wall (3) Linking with other sites (4) Facebook applications (5) Events (6) Discussion boards (7) Facebook mobile (8) Links (9) Video (10) Autoresponders (11) Email capture (12) Writing persuasive copy And much, much more! Facebook is not a fad that is going away next month. It’s here to stay, and you DO NOT want to miss out. Sure, you can have a profile and keep in touch with your aunt in Indianapolis…that’s great. But if you have a business to need to learn how to cash in on Facebook’s huge popularity. I’ll show you how simple it really is. If you want to tap into this 400 million user database of potential customers...this is the guide for you. ITEM-30
Learn How To Plan And Profit From FACEBOOK Advertising In 5 Easy Steps. 
Facebook is in millions of homes around the world. In fact, it has more than 500 million active users. A few years ago, Facebook launched their advertising program. “For the last hundred years media has been pushed out to people, but now marketers are going to be a part of the conversation. And they’re going to do this by using the social graph in the same way our users do,” Zuckerberg announced. While Facebook ads work much the same as other PPC or Pay Per Click ads do, there are a few significant differences. Facebook allows you to narrow your ads to be seen by more specific demographic (i.e. Age, Sex, Location and often interest). On Facebook, targeting with keywords is optional. Facebook ads are delivered direct to your target audience right on their profile pages. Compared to Google ads, on Facebook there are fewer advertisers which means less competition for your niche. This is also relevant because it can cost you much less per click – a better return on your investment. Additionally, people can “Like” your advertisements, which can produce a snowball effect. If you’re seeking to drive traffic to your website, Facebook Fan Page, Profile Page event, group or application, Facebook Advertising may be your ideal solution. My system will walk you through the five steps required to plan and profit from Facebook Advertising. The steps include: Step #1: What Are Your Goals? Step #2: Who is Your Audience? Step #3: Design Your Advertisement Step #4: Establish Your Budget and Pricing Step #5: Track the Data! BONUS --> Facebook Advertising Planning Sheet...You'll also get my handy 2 page printable planning sheet that will help you get organized. This planning worksheet outlines the five steps you want to take before you create your first ad. You can then use this sheet to track your ad’s success. It’s great for split testing and marketing to several keywords/target markets at once. ITEM-31
Focus On Where The Money Really Is...Generating Targeted Traffic To Your Websites Using Simple, But Ingenious Tactics. 
Inside This System, You'll Discover: (1) Nine (9) Killer Traffic Generation Tactics you can use for your own. I'm aware there are manuals written on the same subject where they claim there's 3,128,326 ways to generate traffic but in reality they're either filled with fluff, beat around the bush, or are just plain garbage. Is that what you really want? But if you want the real deal and zero in on practicing *strictly* the killer tactics, this is it. (2) How to squeeze visitors and traffic in droves from the largest pool of resource online. (3) How to get a higher ground in Search Engines and top your competitors of the same niche - simply by making some small changes to your web pages. (4) How to turn your words into traffic-pulling weapons. (5) How to get OTHER PEOPLE to take over the job of driving TARGETED traffic into your web sites for you willingly. (6) How to maximize the advantages of one of the most controversial, most feared methods of driving traffic in your favor. (7) How to go straight into the nests of your prospects where EXISTING TARGETED TRAFFIC already EXISTS and "steal" their traffic "legally". (8) How to use free blogs to drive in red hot traffic into your other web sites quickly and easily - no pain but plenty of gain. (9) How to leverage on the other awesome part of Search Engines for more exposure, more leads and then more sales. (10) How to get massive traffic from other large pools of online media at low-cost. The recipe of chalking out a powerful press release in bringing your web site(s) to overnight celeb status. (11) How to strategically architect your ads in driving maximum TARGETED traffic - and how to choose the right places, too. And so much more.
If You Can Record A Simple Video, Then I Can Show You Video Marketing Strategies That Explodes Your Subscriber List...And Makes You Sales. 
Even If You Have NO Product, NO Experience, And NO Technical Know-How. Even If You Think Online Video Cannot Help You Dominate Niche Markets, You Will Still Discover How To Leverage It So You'll Never Have To Worry About Paying For Traffic Again. Here's A Sneak Preview Of What You'll Get: (1) 14 ways to get higher viewership and accelerate the viral effect of your videos. (2) How to get your audience to immediately jump up, get off their duff and watch your videos like a hypnotized kid watching TV commercials. (3) How to make your viewers share, syndicate, spread your videos across the web. (4) Tell them ________ and they'll watch every second of your video and bookmark it for later viewing again. (5) 3 magic words to get the busiest web surfer to watch your video. (6) Use this strategy and stand out from 98.2% of video makers. (7) Reveal certain information about your video that always gets attention and interest. (8) 66 hooks and angles you can use to persuade people to view your videos. (9) 3 ways to add scarcity to your videos. (10) How to use the power of the crowds in your favor… it makes your video more popular and pushes it beyond its viral tipping point. (11) Why using ethical bribes incorrectly in your video can backfire at you (12) A neat trick to hook your audience into watching your video every single time. (13) This trick never fails to get tons of eyeballs glued to my videos at any one time. (14) Immediately make your audience pay attention to you by uttering a few secret words. (15) How to remove the No. 1 barrier of low viewership... Some people are reluctant to watch your videos even if you have to pay them for it. Eliminate this and you'll create a slippery slope to your sales process. (16) Discover this old infomercial trick to get people to watch the entire video in a single seating (17) Find out how CNN uses the "Ziergarnik Effect" to keep you edging on your seat even if it means watching all the commercials. And much, much more. ITEM-33
Get Your Share Of The Ever-Growing E-Commerce Pie. 
I'll teach you everything you need to know about the world of Internet Marketing. It's all packed into ONE Ultimate Guide – with nothing held back. E-Commerce is growing every year. Online sales reached 117 billion dollars by Year 2008 according to Jupiter Research. That also indicates that half the world population would be accustomed to buying online. Working from home is a modern trend today. Not only are entrepreneurs today getting younger, the high development in computer technology has allowed room for convenience - enabling any one work-from-home entrepreneur to do business without having to leave home. Starting an Internet Business DOESN'T gobble up near a quarter as much as a conventional brick-n-mortar business. In fact, believe it or not, you can start your business for less than a dinner for two a month. You just need to get started with a computer and Internet connection. All the immense information you need to know about Internet Marketing and how to make it BIG online are now packed into one SUPER manual - a must have for all new Internet Entrepreneurs.
So Here's What You Will Discover: (1) Discover what Internet Marketing really, really is (and what isn't) - the way I tell you. (2) How to patch the cons of Internet Marketing and make the best of this new-found lucrative business. (3) How to plan your Internet Business and choose the "right" model. (4) All the essential tools you need to get started online and how you can acquire them dirt cheap without degrading the quality. (5) How to identify an ENORMOUS demand so you can make ENORMOUS profits from. (6) The BEST kind of product you can sell online. (7) How to crank out your own best-selling master piece to work for you and make sales 24/7 even as you laze or do something else. (8) The miracle of getting other people to promote your business for you willingly. (9) Why and how you can make more money by adding just one extra element to your digital product - that can make a parting difference in your profits like sky and sea. (10) Free and low cost advertising methods that work. And so much more!

Great Success Posting Simple Ads In Newspapers. 
 Do you recall those late-night infomercials in the late nineties? Those talking about "making money" by placing classified ads. Remember all the testimonials where students were pulling in six figures a year from just placing tiny classifieds and sending out small reports via direct mail. Well, I am here to tell you that those methods worked well then and can work even better today. With newspapers, your prospects are extremely interested in what you have to offer. This is quality traffic coming to your sales page. If someone takes the time and goes to the trouble of getting on their computer after reading a newspaper ad, you know they want something from you.

When you think about it -- an ad can make you money for people pick up the papers sometimes people look through the newspapers at a later date. The more ads you place in newspapers – the more you are building a steady stream of income. You are going to learn how to make big money by placing small classified ads in newspapers. You'll learn everything...even the exact ads and products...and you can start right away. Easy. In this report, you learn how to create a winning ad, how to create a win/win relationship with your advertising reps who investigate publications on your behalf. You'll learn what type of newspapers to start with at very little cost, and how to expand your proven ad into thousands of newspapers with one phone call. I'll tell you One little secret of setting up your business and how it will save you thousands...and possibly tens of thousands per year in overhead cost. I'll also include examples of ads created and used by a super marketer, and the exact products he used to generate his very successful venture. ITEM-35

Get Started With Adsense, Build Your First Website, And Start Making Money Online Now. 
There are thousands of ways to make money on the Internet, but making money with Adsense seems to be one of the most popular and successful ones. This is an advertising program owned by Google called AdWords. This charges the advertiser each time someone clicks on their ad. These are the ads that get put on the websites of Adsense members to earn money. Essentially, you are helping Google with their advertising and you are paid from the AdWords money they earn. Since your ads have been matched to your site’s content, they will be more interesting to your visitors. Google accesses your website to match the ads to your content made possible through specialized technology. This is one reason that people are making money with Adsense. It’s a situation that works out in everyone’s best interest. Traffic visiting your website is more likely to find the ads interesting and click on them. This guide is very step-by-step, because I didn’t want to leave anything out. You’ll Discover: (1) The easiest way to get accepted by Adsense – get started earning much faster than you ever thought possible. (2) My insanely easy method for finding highly searched, low competition, high paying keywords. This is the easiest way to make money, period! (3) Exactly how to choose a domain name that will help you rank in the search engines and capture your market perfectly–putting more money in your pocket. (4) How to overcome technical hurdles like buying a domain name, hosting, and building your site–you’ll be a pro by this time tomorrow! (5) Exactly what to do so your AdSense site converts as much as possible. Turn more browsers into clickers–earning insane amounts of money, totally hands-off. (6) Exactly how to collect data about your sites so you can tweak it to perfection–this information can allow you to double your profits overnight. (7) How to get more traffic to your AdSense websites, ensuring that your site takes off and profits, fast.
Setup Profitable Adwords Campaigns Fast And Convert Your Front-End Sales Pages With "Cold" Adwords Traffic. 
Lots of Sales = Lots of Money! I’m especially good at one thing: using Adwords to generate sales. I get a Product idea (I do not create the product), then do some basic Market Research using Google's Keywords Tool (takes me under an hour) to make sure there's enough traffic available for my new Product. I then I use a provided Sales Page (I do not create the sales page), set up an Adwords Campaign and start driving targeted traffic to my Sales Page. That's it. After that I just monitor the campaign, and make a few systematic tweaks once I have some hard keyword data at my disposal. Here's what this "Simple Formula" looks like on paper...I pay $0.07 to $0.20 cents per click to send targeted traffic to my sales page. My sales page sells a $67 to $97 product (that I did not create) which converts at 1% or higher. I pay around $10 to get $67 - $97 back. The formula above is possible because I know what I'm doing when it comes to setting up Profitable Adwords Campaigns targeted at Sales Pages - Thats exactly what I'm going to teach you. If you're NOT using Adwords - you're missing out on some high quality traffic and a lot of Sales. It takes me about an hour to set up a new campaign. I then let it run for a week or so, and once I have some hard data I make tweaks and changes to improve performance. I ONLY tell you what works and leave everything else out of the course - I keep it simple. You’ll receive all three phases in PDF manuscript form. ITEM-37 
Discover How To Add Hundreds Of New Subscribers To Your List And Generate Sales...All At The Same Time. 
Methods like these are the only way you can build a serious business with serious profits. One of the quickest ways to build your list is by using special ads. If you know the ins-and-outs of using these special ads, then you can have some of the lowest “cost-per-lead” numbers in the industry. Those of us who’ve mastered these special ads can have a 50% conversion-buy-rate. You can use these special ads to build giant lists of prospects who are eager to take a look at your product offers…now… and in the future. Many people don’t understand how to effectively use these special ads. The use them incorrectly…and then are disappointed with the results. While everyone else fails with this, you’ll learn exactly the right way to capitalize on these special ads. This special manuscript gives you everything you need to know. It’s straight to the point and simple to implement. Plus, I’ll even give you my method for getting other to pay for your special ads. I’ll show you where and how to place these special ads to get the best response. This course is so in-depth – so detailed – that it’s like you have me as your personal coach. But you can you can take your time and go through it at your own pace.
12 Module Intensive Home Study Course...A Well-Planned And Systematic Approach To Building Your Business. 
Each month I receive hundreds of emails from people just like you who are not making any money online at all. People who have spent hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars and have not had any results at all from their efforts. People who have spent months and years just trying to make a few extra thousand dollars a month, and have failed miserably. I am here to help the beginner Marketer Reach The Heights Of Extreme Profitability by helping You Get Serious... Get Busy... And Get A Real Success Plan in place. I offer you a rock-solid, well-planned and systematic approach to building your online business from the ground up.The completely understand that the hardest money online is the first $100 - $1,000. Beginners will buy the courses and read advisories, vaguely understand it needs visitors and a sales page, etc. But nothing ever seems to come together. Not enough visitors, so it’s hard to tell if the sales page works. No sales. Maybe the sales copy isn’t good enough? Or the product isn’t right? Or maybe it just needs more visitors. The problem is, when you lack experience, you can’t tell where it’s going wrong. It becomes very confusing. I Started Out Clueless And Frustrated—but now here I am today ready to help you. This Marketing Blueprint is the quickest way for you to start a successful online business. It will give you the game plan to make money quickly. And, it will allow you to build the right foundation for a successful business for years to come. The 12 Module Easy Marketing Blueprint Home Study Course is over 400 pages. ITEM-39 
Here's How Any Marketer - Even An Absolute Beginner - Can Quickly And Easily Tap Into The Biggest Source Of Targeted Traffic To Build A Mailing List, Sell Products, And Make Money...Starting Now. 
Introducing the If you’ve ever thought about using Google™ AdWords™ to promote your site, then this is the key that will unlock the doors of massive opportunity… and riches. But here’s the surprising bonus...Even if you DON’T intend to use AdWords™ as a long-term strategy, you’ll still find this guide to be your own personal gold mine. The reason? Because inside these pages you’ll discover how to use AdWords™ to boost your income across ALL your marketing efforts, including affiliate marketing, joint venture marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more. You see, some of the world’s richest marketers use AdWords™ to test their sales letters before a big product launch because it’s the fastest, most accurate way to quickly boost conversions. So, instead of launching a product with an unpredictable sales letter, they can launch confidently since they know their proven sales letter will pull down massive sales for them. And now these profit secrets are yours. Whether you want to use AdWords™ to drive hordes of cash-paying customers to your site tonight… or you just want to quickly test your sales letter, you’re about to learn the ultimate the strategy that will put you on the fast track to success. This is the easiest 7 Step Blueprint to Overnight Traffic that you’ve ever seen. ITEM-40
Piggyback Product Launches...3 Surefire Ways To Get A Steady Stream Of Free Traffic For Any New Product. 
What I want to teach you in this report are 3 methods for creating “piggyback” product launches. The definition of “piggyback” from does a very accurate job of portraying the idea I’m about to share with use, appropriate, or exploit the availability, services, or facilities of another. A “piggyback” product launch, therefore, is to use the existing leverage of someone or something else to launch your product. That is, if you don’t have a list, an affiliate program, a network of partners, etc., you can “piggyback” off someone who does in order to successfully launch your product. Product launches are a great way to get a windfall of new sales immediately upon the release of your offer. Unfortunately, most people don’t see success with them the “traditional” (I shudder using the word “traditional” in referencing a practice that isn’t very old). However, with the three methods I’ve just shared with you ANYONE, regardless of their existing assets, influence or partnerships (or lack thereof!) can successfully launch a new product. Choose one of the methods in this revealing report and put it into practice. ITEM-41 
Uncover The Secrets Of High Revenue Membership Sites For Yourself, While Someone Else Does All The Work. 
Anyone Can Start Making Serious Money With Membership Sites – right now - No Content, No Web Design Skills, and No Experience Required. Starting a Membership Site is a PROVEN business model…one of the most reliable and profitable around. Now, if you know anything about online marketing, you know that most “gurus” are HUGE fans of membership sites.
Here are a few of the reasons I personally like this model – (1) Repetitive, residual income – once signed up, the customer pays you repeatedly. (2) Content can be provided in bursts – a bit at a time. This kind of content creation is easy to manage. (3) You can outsource it all (Web design, Graphics, Sales letter, Squeeze page, Opt-in page, Automated emails, and the Product). Seriously…you don’t have to do ANY of it!! In this exclusive report, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to START your very own Membership Site with minimal content creation, and little or no heavy lifting on your part. All you need is a vision, and be willing to contract with someone else to do the work for you.
Get iPhone Application Riches. 
Even if your technological expertise is limited, you can still make money using the I-Phone applications. You just need to use the right type of tutorial to help you understand the concept and how to market the product once it is completed. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about how to get started building an I-Phone application, where you can distribute it and marketing skills that are necessary to sell the applications. ITEM-43 
Get 101 Traffic Tips. 
Getting traffic is something that many Internet marketers struggle with. Wouldn't it be great if you could just build a website and have people automatically flock to it? But it doesn’t happen that way in real life. The good news is that I'll be sharing 101 ways that you can get a lot of traffic to your site in my system. ITEM-44 
Get Mobile Profits. 
Did you know that over 90% of Americans currently have a cell phone, and use their service to connect to the Internet every single day? Over 285 million people subscribe to cell phone service in the U.S. alone, and that number is growing at a mind blowing rate. What does this mean to your business? It gives you a brand new, direct way to connect and communicate with your target audience, and the best part of this incredibly profitable method, is that it’s virtually UNTAPPED! Listen, have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that you’re late to the game and missed out on some of the biggest and greatest opportunities to maximize your profits? Do you ever feel like you’re always one step behind the competition, no matter how hard you work on your business? Does it ever seem like you can’t get ahead, and you’re always missing the “next big thing” simply because by the time you stumble over it, it’s been saturated by the entire market and no longer viable? Well, not this time! ITEM-45 
Six-Figure Blogging. 
The “6 Figure Blogging Report” reveals the fastest and easiest strategies of building high profit niche blogs, so that you can start making money starting today! (even if you are brand new to blogging!)
These techniques are proven to work, and best of all, they are incredibly easy to do. In a matter of a few short hours, you could have a highly optimized, HEAVILY monetized niche blog up and running. Then, just rinse & repeat to create a massively profitable blog network. Here is just a preview of what’s included in this exclusive report: The #1 critical component of a profitable niche blog and it starts from the VERY beginning. How to get unlimited targeted traffic to your website at neck-break speed! This one little technique will set your blog on fire instantly. How to instantly optimize your blog for maximum search engine rankings so you can generate massive amounts of organic traffic – Free. The most profitable strategies ever revealed! Make more money from your blogs – guaranteed. How to set up a powerful, cash system that will generate automated payments, 24/7!
And Much, Much More.
An 11 Year Marketing Coach Reveals How To Effectively Build A List. 
When you get it right – it’s like gold dust. Owning a list is one of the best marketing strategies there is. You can sell to your customers over and over again as long as you provide them with good value. In fact – it’s been estimated that every person you have on your list is worth on average $1 per month. You can wake up, send one email to your list and earn a substantial amount…every time you do it. You’ll get a step by step video series. Watch over my shoulder as I reveal the complete strategy. I’ll show you the exact tools needed to build your list quickly. We have put together a dozen different topics we’ll share with you. Getting visitors into your sales funnel is one thing, but strongly compelling them to get on your list is something greater. We’ll show you how to get people to jump on your list without hesitation. We’ll also show you how to get hundreds of visitors in front of your offer on a daily basis.  ITEM-47
Simplified Video Profits.  
You'll Discover: (1) How to ensure that every sales video you create works... and converts. (2) How even the most basic beginner can take a Windows computer and make killer videos for free. (3) How to ensure your videos connect with the viewer immediately and get them to take action. (4) Step by step instructions on how to create video sales letters or commercials without ever needing a camera...for free. (5) 10 video email techniques that get massive open rates. (6) Step by step instructions on how to create video email campaigns that convert... for free. (7) The single most important action you must take to ensure maximum number of video views (in email or videos that are broadcast online). (8) 10 QUICK WAYS to monetize basic video marketing skills... this week! (9) How to use video to enhance existing products, services, training courses, etc... (10) The Youtube Marketing Mini Course - learn all of the advanced tips and tricks to ensure your videos get the maximum possible exposure online.
Reach Millions Of New Website Visitors You Couldn't Previously Touch. 
Our little internet marketing world is a small place in the grand scheme of things. Most listbuilders have been generating leads from the same "pond." With this special Traffic Source, it's like upgrading to the ocean. Because there are millions of new visitors you can tap into. This is one of the most misunderstood Traffic Sources... except by those who know how to harness the power. When you know how to use it properly, this is some of the most targeted traffic you can generate. You'll Open Up a Whole New World of Traffic. You'll receive 17 quick videos that explain everything in detail. ITEM-49






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I can teach you how to build a steady stream of income that all starts from a single sale to one person.

Each sale you make can automatically bridge into a future upgrade sale for an additional product. 

With my system, you can sell one product which leads people into a 2nd higher-priced product purchase.

For many people – System 8 will be enough for them. However, for those people who want to earn even higher commissions -- I’ve created an OPTIONAL add-on system called “System 9”.

System 9 does cost more – but you can potentially triple your commissions without doing any additional work.

Only those people who join System 8 FIRST, can join the add-on System 9. After you experience System 8, you may want to consider joining System 9.


Once people enter my integrated system - most will find it difficult to back out. It’s built to compel forward momentum. Prospects end up selling themselves and instinctively see themselves in the driver’s seat as a System 8 Dealer. The upgrade sales mechanism for an OPTIONAL Add-On System 9 is automatic and built-in.

Many people have asked, “Can I begin as a System 8 Dealer and wait to earn money before upgrading to purchase System 9?”

Yes, you can! --- BUT you could lose commissions by waiting to upgrade into System 9.

Here’s the catch: You can only earn dealer commissions on the specific system products you have actually purchased yourself. Non-buyers of my systems at no time are qualified as a dealer to re-sell and earn commissions on any system they have not purchased themselves.

Lots of people would be thrilled to earn a nice income retailing only System 8. These people won’t take it to the next level by purchasing System 9.

However, the serious dealers will purchase System 9 so they can earn on both System 8 and System 9 sales made through their referrals. Others whom you refer will be buying System 9. 

If you wait to upgrade into System 9, then you could lose money. There have been thousands of dollars in unpaid commissions because the referring sponsor was unqualified.
Others have asked, “How is it possible to promote both System 8 and System 9 products at one time?”

All of the provided marketing tools are used to promote System 8 only. There are no marketing tools specifically for System 9.

 You simply use the marketing tools to promote System 8…and then System 8 will automatically do all of the work to convert people into System 9. 

When you have purchased both products, you can effectively operate your business by mailing just ONE POSTCARD or ONE SALES LETTER.

That’s right! Your referral prospects will read your Postcard or Sales Letter and go to my catalog website. After reviewing System 8, they will submit their product order. Whenever they purchase System 9, then you would start earning 3-Level commissions on System 9 (depending if you have purchased System 9 yourself).

People line up and purchase both systems -- and then start mailing postcards and sales letters as a dual-system dealer, which generates bigger and bigger commissions for you.




My Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the Perfect Add-On Program for You.

Okay, so you’re already working another type of venture or promoting a product by mail. No problem.

The Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan is the perfect Add-On Program for any venture you’re currently working.

That’s because you can USE the income generated from this business to help support your other business ventures.

And if you don’t have an existing’s the perfect business to start all by itself.

Isn’t it time for you to get in the game?

Prepare yourself with a real financial backup system to rely on if your job is ever swept away. There’s no better business than a mail order-internet marketing business for ease of starting, low startup cost, and substantial income potential.

If you’re new to mail order or internet marketing, this is a great way to make money right from the start.

Everything is worked out for you. Just follow the easy instructions and you can soon be making more money than many old timers.

Get started today. Grab hold and don’t let this slip away.

Before you do anything else, give me the go ahead and ORDER RIGHT NOW. I mail commission paychecks every other Friday.

I’ll be looking forward to sending your first paycheck. Order now. 



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 Terms of Agreement: In no way does this make me an employee of Doyle Chambers, and I am responsible for my own Federal, State and Local Taxes. I understand that I am solely responsible for my success in this program; that all commissions paid to me through Doyle Chambers are from the sale of the product; that Doyle Chambers does not guarantee any specific earnings from the Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan or from use of the product. I also understand that I am not obligated to market the product and if I choose to market it, then I accept full responsibility for the manner in which I choose to market it. No guarantees as to amounts made or to be made are to be used to entice marketing participants.

Doyle Chambers’ other available systems are optional. However, I can only earn dealer commissions on the specific System products I have actually purchased myself. Unlike most illogical entrepreneurs, Doyle Chambers does not resort to outlandish money-back guarantees and no such policy is expressed or implied. I understand and agree that all orders are final after processing payment and cannot be cancelled for any reason. I agree that I am buying as information only and no sales or income is due or promised.

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Please note: This course is not refundable. Please do not purchase this product if you intend to request a refund or if you will not be taking action with the course materials. In this product, I share my entire business with you. I cannot allow people to learn this entire business and receive all of the included business materials for free by requesting refunds after they make their purchase. Receiving these business materials for free, by requesting a refund after your purchase would not be fair to me or to the people who have purchased the course. If you have any doubts or reservations about purchasing this product, please do not purchase it until you are ready. This product includes everything that I have personally used to earn a substantial income over many years. I cannot allow people to obtain this entire business for free, by ordering it, downloading all of the materials, and then requesting a refund. Thank you.

System 8 and System 9 are not available to Texas residents AND all foreign countries outside of the U.S.A. and its territories. 

System 9 & Three-Level Publisher’s Profit Plan
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