I didn’t know what I
wanted to do with my life
- and even if I did know
what I wanted...I didn’t
know how to get it!
I was lost!

These 5 Great Success Books are what changed everything! Put them to work in your life - and then watch what happens Driving energy will come. Prosperity will flow in upon you.

5 Great Success Books

All of these 5 books were written about 100 years ago by men who gathered and assembled the true plans for success. The've been hidden in plain sight for over one hundred years, but ignored by millions of people who are too busy to read them. 

Inside these 5 Great Success Books are the important discoveries that will make a real lasting change in your life. 


great success book 1

The OLD BOOK That Was On
My Father’s Bookshelf All
Along...And Yet It Took 26
Years Of Searching To Find It!

 old book

I was very rebellious growing up. I had
long hair and played guitar in a rock
band. School to me, was a joke. I
skipped classes and hung out with my
friends who were also bad influences. I
barely graduated from high school.

It’s not that I was unintelligent. My
ideals of what life should be like just
did not conform to the regimen of what
school provided.

After graduating, I joined the Air Force.
I was trained as a teletype technician and
was stationed at Travis AFB near San
Francisco, California.

One day back in 1978, I was thumbing
through the L.A. Times newspaper. I
came upon a very interesting full page
advertisement written by a man named
Joe Karbo. Joe told how he found a way
to get completely out of debt in only a
few months time. And in the process of
getting out of debt, he discovered a way
to consistently earn more money than he
could possibly spend. THAT GOT MY

After reading the ad several times, I sent
$10 for his book, “The Lazy Man’s Way
To Riches”.
 Three weeks later the book
arrived. I quickly read the book and was
fascinated by Joe Karbo’s story. That guy
totally shocked me with his overwhelming knowledge. I had never heard such things...all based on sensible concepts that clearly would work if someone just took the diligent effort to put them into action.

Joe’s secret in a nutshell -

Joe’s powerful book planted a seed in my
mind! That book set the stage for my
life...but regrettably, it wasn’t until many
years later that I finally took action with
what I had learned from that extraordinary man.

Two years after receiving Joe Karbo’s
book I was honorably discharged from
the Air Force and returned home to live
in Dallas, Texas. Then, I immediately
joined the rat race and got a job as an
electro-mechanical technician with a
major electronics firm. My attitude was
the same as it was when I was in high
school - I intensely felt as though I was
wasting my time.

I didn’t know what I
wanted to do with my life
- and even if I did know
what I wanted...I didn’t
know how to get it!
I was lost!

I then attended college with the hope of
finding what I wanted out of life. I made
good grades and yet something inside
was nagging me - “Where am I going?”.

I went to college for four years and then
realized, I still didn’t have any answers.
One day I was looking through my father’s bookshelf and pulled an old book off the shelf.


Once I started reading
the book...I COULD NOT PUT THE
BOOK DOWN! I read the book from
beginning to end in one day.

EUREKA! This was the information and
answers that I was so desperately
searching for. It was as though this book
was dropped off by an alien from
another world. This book made my life
make sense for the first time. This book
explained to me in extreme detail who
and what I am and how to use my
talents and take action. My life was
forever changed!

Where did this book come from?... 

My father worked at a used car lot selling
cars when he was seventeen (that was in
1942). One day a man came to the car
lot and noticed what a hard worker my
father was. This strange man took my
father under his wing, so to speak, and
personally trained him to be a top-notch

This strange man gave my father
and insisted that he read it.

You see, this man was an
“honest-to-goodness millionaire in 1942". The man who helped my father was ONE OF THE RICHEST MEN IN TEXAS...before his death. This Rich Texas Man was featured in Parade Magazine years ago.

Yes, this is an absolutely true story!

Could this mysterious book
really be this mind shaking?

Absolutely, positively...

THIS BOOK has changed the lives of
countless people... including my own
life...it gave me purpose and direction...
and also the power to make it happen.

Yes, after reading this electrifying book, I
immediately got to work on something big. I set up my own marketing business.

I wanted to be just like Joe Karbo and be
an effective marketer. It became my life’s
work. I became obsessed with this goal.

I searched out successful marketing
people and modeled myself after them
by duplicating their success. Little by
little, I became a completely different


Doyle Chambers


 great success book 2

The little booklet
that quickly spread throughout the world...


This pamphlet was written in a single hour on the 22nd of February, 1899. The writer had been endeavoring to train some delinquent villagers. He thought little of what he had written. However, the writing soon stirred up the cosmic dust.

A telegram came from George H. Daniels, of the New York Central Railroad thus, "Give me a price on one-hundred-thousand pamphlets." 

One and a half a million pamphlets were soon printed and distributed.
In addition -- the writing was reprinted in over two hundred magazines and newspapers. It has been translated into all written languages.

After a Russian Prince saw the little book, he had the matter translated into Russian -- and a copy of the booklet was given to every railroad employee in Russia.

Other countries then took it up -- and from Russia it passed into Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Hindustan and China. 

During the war between Russia and Japan, every Russian soldier who went to the front was given a copy of the little booklet. The Japanese, finding the booklets in possession of the Russian prisoners, concluded it must be a good thing, and accordingly translated it into Japanese.

And on an order of the Mikado, a copy was given to every man in the employ of the Japanese Government, soldier or civilian.

Over forty million copies of this little booklet have been printed. 

This is said to be a larger circulation than any other literary venture has ever attained during the lifetime of an author, in all history - thanks to a series of lucky accidents.


great success book 3

Discover the MIGHTY POWER
of Self-Direction...


A door-to-door book salesman sold this book for 12 years without reading it. But when an enthusiastic reader of the book told him about it, then the salesman finally went home and read the book.


The next day the saleman borrowed $300 and went to New York to secure the exclusive selling rights to "the book".

The salesman immediately spent $150 for a page "ad" in a review magazine. The ad brought him about $2,000 in cash. As fast as the money came in -- he shot it back into advertising.

When the salesman got $2500 in cash, he bought a half page "ad" in the Saturday Evening Post.

The first year, he spent $50,000 in advertising. The next year, he spent nearly a hundred thousand.

At first -- orders came in by the hundreds -- and then by the thousands.


At times, he was 15,000 orders behind. He just couldn't print the books fast enough.

Letters from readers came pouring in so fast that he simply couldn't read them all.

The result: By 1932, over 500,000 men and women had taken up the study of this book.

The lives of the world's greatest men have been analyzed. Discover this mighty force.

See if this masterful book doesn't contain the one little push you may need to carry you upwards. Apply some of its simple exercises. Put it to work -- and then watch what happens. Driving energy will come. Prosperity will flow in upon you.


great success book 4

This morning I was a hopeless, aimless bit of garbage in the ash can. 


 Tonight, I wouldn't change places with a millionaire.

Currier sat alone in the café. He dreamed of better times and sipped his coffee. Suddenly, the door opened and Sturtevant walked in.

Sturtevant was an undeniable failure. Even though he was an artist of more than ordinary talent, he had fallen on hard times. And yet there was something new and strange in his appearance.

Currier could not remember when he had invited Sturtevant to dine with him, but involuntarily Currier beckoned to him.

Sturtevant said, “I see that I have surprised you. It is not strange, for I am a surprise to myself. I am a new man, a different man -- and the alteration has taken place in the last few hours. 

You have seen me come into this place 'broke' many a time -- when you have turned away so that I would think you did not see me.

Tomorrow my new career begins. Within a month I shall have a bank account with funds. Why? Because I have discovered the secret of success. My fortune is made.” said Sturtevant.

“I have been reading a strange story -- and since reading it I feel that my fortune is assured. It will make your fortune, too. All you have to do is read it. You have no idea what it will do for you.

Nothing is impossible -- after you know that story. It makes everything as plain as A, B, C. The very instant you grasp its true meaning, success is certain. 

This morning I was a hopeless, aimless bit of garbage in the metropolitan ash can. Tonight, I wouldn't change places with a millionaire. That sounds foolish, but it is true. The millionaire has already spent his enthusiasm -- but mine is all at hand.”

"You amaze me," said Currier, wondering if he had been drinking absinthe.

“This morning I was starving. I hadn't any credit, nor a place to get a meal. I was seriously meditating suicide. I had gone to three of the newspapers for which I had done work, and had been handed back all the work I had submitted. I had to choose quickly between death by suicide and death slowly by starvation.

Then I found the story and read it. You can hardly imagine the transformation. Everything changed at once. 

When I discovered this strange story, I began casually to read it, and in a moment I was interested. Before I left it, I had read it through many times, so that I could repeat it almost word for word. It affected me strangely -- as if I had come in contact with some strong personality. 

After I had read it several times, I began to think it over. I couldn't stay in the house, so I seized my coat and hat and went out. I must have walked several miles, buoyantly, without realizing that I was the same man -- who only a short time before had been in the depths of despondency.

It is the most remarkable story you have ever heard. It made a new man out of me. Within twenty-four hours I was on my feet -- and I've hardly known a care or a trouble since.”

"Sturtevant, where did you find this story?”

“I found the strange story pasted in an old scrapbook bound in rawhide -- which I purchased for three cents on Ann Street. The printed pages were formed with odd yellow paper and homemade parchment. It could have originated in no other brain than that of its author.

It’s remarkable that the story has remained in print for so long. There isn't a clue about what publication the story originally appeared, or who wrote it. I’m very fortunate to have found it.”

Sturtevant said, “Everyone who has heard the story has done well since. They’ve all experienced the same results that I have. It’s not the story itself that performs the surgical operation on the minds of those who are familiar with it; It is the way the story is told -- in print. 

The author has, somehow, produced a psychological effect which is indescribable. The reader is hypnotized. He receives a mental and moral tonic. There seems to be a personal element in the story that applies to everyone who reads it.

It seems incredible that a mere story can have such a tonic effect upon the success of so many persons who are engaged in such widely different occupations, but that is what it has done."

"Won't you tell me the story? I should like to hear it.” said Currier.

"Certainly. I mean to tell it to the whole world."

"Sturtevant, I am rapidly being driven mad by the existence of this confounded story. If you have any consideration for an old friend – you will tell me this story right now.”

"All right," he said. "You shall have it. But you must read the story for yourself."


great success book 5

Determine your ultimate aim, and act with controlled
and directed power.


Men and women fail for lack of some important aim. Their desires cover the spectrum of life. They roam in quest of purpose. What becomes theirs does so by accident. Multitudes of people are dependent on blundering luck.

A simple plan separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Perhaps those who prosper learned it from a relative, or a successful person. 

History reveals that a 1900's American Businessman taught "this secret" to each member of his family and workers.

He personally published an instruction manual and gave a copy of it to everyone he knew.

He said, “Carefully use these instructions in all your personal and business affairs. They will help you prosper.

Teach these instructions to everyone you can. No matter what you endeavor to do – good things will happen for you." 

These few pages are what you are seeking to find. You'll learn how to make your anxious power serve you. You will discover means and methods…and your talents will emerge.

These rules of accomplishment are very practical, and easy to apply. Once started, they will never stop working to cause your good success.

This definite plan was written in 1926. Somewhere between now and then, it was lost and buried. But, now this instructional manual is made available.

Millions have tried the plan and succeeded with it.



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When you read these 5 Great Success Books, they will make you slap your head in amazement.
You can even pass all of them down to your kids to help them
live better lives and gain success faster.




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