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“Use My 20 “Done For You” Follow Up Letters
to do The Telling & Selling for Your
Favorite Business Opportunity”

...Simply “Tweak” my Letters to fit Your Specific
MLM/Business Opportunity With Your Details...
Then Start Building Your List...The Hard Part Has
Been Done and YOU get to Enjoy the Benefits


When it comes to promoting your MLM's and Business Opportunities there are many important things that you must take into consideration, but THE #1 task you MUST focus on is List Building and following up with your leads.

The reason is simple... Until people get to know you a little and start to feel comfortable with you, you're not going to be able to sponsor people easily.

Hi, my name is Craig Wilson and I've been in the Home Business and MLM industry for many years now and the one thing that I learned early on was people join other people, they don't join companies.

Impressive as the “stats” may be...Your future prospects don't really care about your companies 3rd quarter profits, their fancy offices or ground breaking products, but what they DO care about is working with someone who actually cares about their success.

 A Problem That Plagues MANY Eager Entrepreneurs

A common mistake I've seen repeated over the years far too many times is people will send all of their traffic straight to a companies replicated website without attempting to get people to join their list first.

This is a BIG mistake... Here's why- people are typically going to stay on your website from 4 seconds to a minute or two at most and once they leave they are never coming back.

AND WHY SHOULD THEY... that is a question you should be asking yourself. Many company websites don't accurately describe what they're about in those first few CRITICAL seconds and this alone is why “most” of your traffic will leave.

However, just because those people leave doesn't mean they weren't interested, it simply means they didn't “connect” with a real live person that they thought could help them.

The biggest issue with company replicated sites is they are dry and only serve up boring info that your prospects could care less about... They want to know WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM and it's your job to show them.

This is where YOU come in!

People are looking for help, a mentor to join that can help them achieve their goals... This is where YOU tell your prospects “what's in this for them” inside your follow up letters.

Smart marketers who want to get the most Bang for their advertising buck WILL focus on sending traffic to an opt in form on a squeeze page or blog for example then build trust and credibility through their follow up campaigns.

NOT SURE what a squeeze page is? See my P.S. below for some GOOD NEWS, but come back here to finish reading.

OK, let me describe in detail what I'm Offering You Here


I have prepared 20 “ Done For You” follow up letters that can be
used to promote
Business Opportunity.

All you have to do is “Tweak” or Personalize them with your information to fit your specific opportunity.

Then, you simply copy and paste the letters into your favorite auto responder account and start promoting the
pages with your opt in forms and
you're good to go.

Don't know who to use for an Auto Responder?
No worries, I can make a couple of good suggestions

So, how do you tweak the letters?

Simple, let's say for example that your team or you personally offered some sort of advertising package discount or video training course and you wanted everyone who subscribed to your list to know about it. What you would do is choose a certain letter or letters then mold this information into them.

YOU are in complete control and can modify these any way you wish.

You could make the letters longer OR shorter or change them up completely, it's up to YOU. You could talk about upcoming webinars, seminars, meetings, social media gatherings, hangouts, your products, advertising, ad copy, sponsoring techniques, your blog and so much more!

You can add text or delete text and replace as you see fit... The flexibility here is endless
Speaking of flexible...keep in mind, you don't even have to use all 20 letters either, you can just use 10 or 15 of them if you want to.

The BEST PART about what I've put together for you here is tweaking “existing ad copy” is always much easier than starting completely from scratch.

I wrote these letters in a generic way that can be a fit for just about any MLM or Home Business offer. The subjects I wrote about were written in such a way that “speaks” to people who are looking for an opportunity and support.

Every letter paints a solid picture of WHY you and your team/opportunity is the ONE to join.
The content will make you look good while providing your prospects with VALUE and powerful information they need to make a decision.

They are written to create a sense of urgency and prospects are always encouraged to get back to YOU to provide them with more information on your opportunity.

Here's a little “insider info” as to what the subject matter is... 

These are the EXACT subject lines for days 1-20

Day #1 (Name) thanks for taking a look at my business! (Welcome Letter)

Day #2 (Name) Here's YOUR Unadvertised GIFT...Absolutely (FREE)

Day #3 My Answer to Your “what's in this for me” question

Day #4 Our reply to your “I don't like to sell” comment

Day #5 Don't get caught! Are you Financially Prepared?

Day #6 No Business Opportunity will Succeed UNLESS you do this!

Day #7 “Few” people have (this) for sponsoring 1,000's but WE do!

Day #8 Why you've got to have Multiple Income Sources

Day #9 WHY it's a GREAT idea to use offline marketing as well!

Day #10 People are attracted to success...what to do when you're brand new

Day #11 STOP! Never approach your “warm” market until...

Day #12 On a tight marketing budget? You've got options

Day #13 Why a Funded Proposal can Grow your Business Quickly!

Day #14 How to Attract hordes of adoring followers/prospects

Day #15 (Name) I WON'T ignore you after you've joined!

Day #16 Why it just makes sense to join our team

Day #17 Are we up to date on social media marketing? YEP

Day #18 HEY! It's better if you DON'T have a lot of experience :)

Day #19 (Name) The “perfect” opportunity doesn't exist

Day #20 A crying 76 year old person, A golf course & a Factory time clock?


An IMPORTANT Point NOT to be Overlooked

You should STOP endlessly searching for a “new” opportunity to join. Are YOU guilty of this?
See, many people will jump from opportunity to opportunity when they think theirs just isn't working...

Instead of trying to fix the problem or do some self examination they simply search for greener pastures. Some will repeat this expensive process for years and years, but they still never “get it”

Their BIG mistake is thinking the Business Opportunity or MLM they chose is the problem, but it isn't 99% of the time, it's THEIR fault...

As I said earlier, people join OTHER people, not companies and that's a FACT. When your promotions consist of just slinging random links out to the world and expecting droves of sign ups coming to you in waves, you're in for sad awakening.

Look, your companies products can be just “good enough”... your comp plan can be “good enough”, but YOU have to be GREAT and this is accomplished by you following up with your leads and acting like a REAL person who cares.

STOP program hopping (it's not the answer) and start focusing on your follow up, because THAT is where success lives.

OK, so I've primed the pump here all I can, now it's YOUR decision.

You're getting a real bargain here... Try getting a quote from a full time professional copywriter and ask what they would charge to write 20 auto responder letters from scratch... don't be surprised if the bill comes to $500 or higher...

A good copywriter usually stays busy and their time is precious so they will charge enough to make a project worth their while.

Now's NOT the time to go “El Cheapo” either.


Follow-Up is the #1 thing that WILL make or break your business make NO mistake about it. Every successful Home Business Opportunity/MLM marketer will tell you that their list is what's been responsible for making them money.

OK, time to get down to business... I have 4 simple questions for you.

Are you ready to MAXIMIZE your ad budgets by making EVERY site visitor count?
Are you ready to build a list and follow up so you can start building TRUST?
Are you ready to FINALLY start making some money in your chosen opportunity?
Are you ready to “tweak” some letters that are already written for you?

If you answered yes to all the above then you know what
to do next...
Let's get these into your hands today so
you can be following up with people ASAP.


Place your order right now.


Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere
with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make.


Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


Most Sincerely,

         Doyle Chambers


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