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“Now You Too Can Write More Attention
Grabbing & Persuasive Ad Copy to
Substantially Boost the Effectiveness of
all Your Solo Ads, Squeeze Pages & More”


…by Simply Using My Potent Ad Master “Toolkit”
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of Generic Email Marketing Subject Lines,
Blog Post Ideas, Classified ads and


Hello, my name is Craig Wilson and I've been in the Home Business Opportunity industry since 1991.

My writing expertise really started to grow and become polished through my participation in this industry.

I've always thought of myself as a natural born copy writer, because putting together sales letters and ads always seemed pretty simple for me. I've always had the ability to craft an ad that got responses and made people want to know more.

True Story- I want to share something with you that I call my “Ray story”. This goes back to the year 1995 or so if I recall... I was working a network marketing opportunity and our “Team Leader” was a man named Ray.

He would take all the calls for his team members and do his best to close the sales and all they had to do was mail a sales letter. This letter was already written so all you had to do was make copies, but I got the idea one day to make my own version.


So, I sat down and took out of piece of paper and hand wrote my sales letter in pencil. No fancy copies, no great graphics just a short hand written note and I started mailing them out.

Several days later I get a call from Ray and he was asking me in this curious kind of way what I was doing to generate so many calls... he said my mailings were doing better than most others in the group.

When I told him what I did, he seemed
a little flabbergasted at the simplicity.

I've whipped up more ads than I can possibly count over the years...I've had responses from ads I placed years earlier, I've generated tons of calls and letters in the mail asking for more information from ads I've placed in newspapers and other print publications as well.

So, why am I telling you this? 

Well for one - I wanted it to inspire you to always think outside the box and to remind you that SIMPLE works!

I also wanted this to serve as part of my resume “so to speak” to let you know that I DO know what I'm doing when it comes to writing appealing, thought provoking and responsive ad copy.

OK, so enough about me, now here's where YOU come in...

What I've Done For You

I have taken my knowledge and skills and have put together a LARGE BUNDLE of High Powered marketing content that could help GROW your business and better your chances of finally getting on the road to profitability, by generating MORE opt in leads and SALES.

Inside my Bundle are several PDF'S that are filled with LARGE amounts of Pre-Written marketing content that can be used any way you wish. NOTE- The ONLY rule I have is these DO NOT come with any kind of “Resell Rights” and cannot be resold.


Here's Exactly What You'll Get 

*Email Marketing/Solo Ad Subject Line PDF'S - These PDF'S come in a set of 3 and each one contains numerous “one liners” or “teaser copy”. Each set is bigger than the previous one...All combined you will have a GIANT amount of clever content to work with.

Here's the neat thing, these can also pull double duty as postcard headlines, sales letter headlines, newspaper classified ad headlines and so much more... Just wait until you see HOW MANY there are, your head WILL be spinning with ideas.

*Blog Post and Content Creation Ideas PDF'S - These come in a set of 2 PDF'S and is a Blogger's DREAM... Here's the deal- There are only 2 kinds of Internet Marketers, those who have a blog and those who don't yet, BUT will get one soon and they ALL need content.

These PDF'S cater to just about every conceivable topic under the sun one could think of to write about for the Internet Marketing, Home Business, Lead Generating or MLM industry!

Whether you want to blog about backlinks, SEO, video marketing, plugins, solo ads, mindset, human psychology, sales letters, business opportunities, website layout, graphics, list building, closing sales etc, it's ALL in here.

Trust Me, the ideas you WILL get from these 2 PDF'S alone will astound you... it's a HUGE resource and worth the asking price alone of this WHOLE bundle.

*Generic Classified Ads/Solo Ads and More PDF'S - This is a 2 PDF collection of ads that covers a wide variety of subjects including product creation, traffic generation, rankings for SEO, Mail-Order, making money and other general type content.

These can also be used in a number of different ways such as solo ads, classifieds, postcards, business cards and on and on... You're only limited by your imagination.

*Generic Marketing Paragraphs PDF'S - These come in a set of 3 PDF'S and contain an assortment of generic marketing talk based around social media, sales funnels, cash flow, traffic generation and many more.

Combine these with YOUR OWN copy, your own thoughts and tweak and twist them into endless ideas... You could even hire a writer on the cheap from those “gig” outsourcing sites for example and have them “spin” them into even more pieces of content...get the idea?

*Squeeze Page/Solo Ad/Classified Ad Copy - These come in a set of 2 PDF'S and are filled with Generic ad copy that can be used for squeeze pages, solo ads, classified ads, postcard copy or whatever.

Again, use these how you wish and mix -n- match up phrases to create even more.... Don't forget that you can interchange phrases and words with the other PDF'S as well, the choices are many here.



Who's this for? 

ANYONE who promotes products/services/opportunities, but struggles with Writer's Block when trying to write captivating, interesting and SALES PRODUCING content.

I'm offering YOU a SOLUTION that can SOLVE your
“Can't Think of Anything to Write” PROBLEM
and I've Made it “Gotta Have it NOW” Irresistible.


Why YOU Must Have This Collection
(Especially) if you're not a “writer”.

*Generating leads from your classified ads, solo ad campaigns or magazine ads will be tough without this, because you MUST know how to write in such a way that gets people to take action.

*You need a BIG selection of “unique” content to work with, because “Swipe Copy” that opportunity owners give you is typically poorly written... Remember, if NOBODY clicks your subject lines or reads your ads that you just PAID FOR then you will not collect any leads or make sales.

*Your branding and attraction marketing campaigns can suffer, because if you never write anything enticing, entertaining, thought provoking, interesting, clever OR powerful, you won't ever gain the notoriety and the following you are seeking...that means missing out on HOT leads.

*You MUST capitalize on “first movers advantage” and QUICKLY get your ads online when a HOT new money maker comes on the scene. Those who can put together some great little solo ads FIRST are usually the ones who's sponsoring everyone, while stragglers pick up table scraps.

*You may never be able to write enticing, engaging and effective blog posts and this is CRITICAL if you're hoping for your share of “Freebie” SEO traffic. Blogs need lots of content and writers can be expensive to hire, so it can pay off to have a stash of go to material to help you out.

*I understand which emotional HOT “BUTTONS” to push that turn casual “scanners” into BUYERS. I KNOW “how to” chip away at the psychological triggers that turn procrastinators into ACTION TAKERS and how to turn doubters into motivated “Add to Cart” button hunters.

No doubt you will QUICKLY see that these PDF'S are packed with value for the money
Not only can this material make you money, it can also save you countless hours of work.


 If you're tired of struggling to come up with catchy ads or content then you NEED what I've put together. I can help end the pain and frustration those blinking cursors cause when they're waiting for you to write something...

Get my LARGE collection of pre written marketing material into your hands TODAY so you can be well on your way to creating better solo ads, squeeze pages, blog posts and so MUCH more!


You rarely get a 2nd chance to make a great FIRST impression so you've got to choose your words wisely BEFORE risking your ad dollars.

For One LOW price you're going to get a total of 12 jam packed PDF'S that are loaded with endless content producing ideas and concepts that will keep your mind stirring.

Always Keep This in Mind

The difference between a winning OR losing marketing campaign many times comes down to changing just 1 or 2 words. IMAGINE... a failing ad that's making ZERO dollars that gets a 2 second “makeover” with a NEW word and it turns into cash happens ALL the time.


I've Done the “Creative” Work FOR YOU...
  Now it's your turn to take the reigns
and take the next step.



Place your order right now.


Let nothing - absolutely nothing, interfere
with immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay. Don’t watch others make money which you can make.


Be up and doing now. Some other time may be too late. Place your order this very minute. Take the action now - which means more money next month, and then Independence next year. Your moment of truth comes when you act.


So act now.


Most Sincerely,

         Doyle Chambers


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